Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family Vacation to Rhode Island

We had a wonderful time on our vacation last week. We rented a beach house and stayed with my family all week. Ella was really great and had a great time at the beach and the ocean (although she did not want to go near the water. The waves scared her). The ocean breeze was strong enough to hold a wand in the air and make bubbles. She had fun doing that with her Aunty Lisa.

The next 3 pictures Ella and I had gone to the beach one overcast afternoon together. I had a ball taking pictures of her by the ocean.

This was her first day at the beach. Keith took her and played all afternoon until I came and met them later. I had a little bit of fun at the casino...... :)

Ella and Eppe (Thats what she calls my Dad) had a good time as well. They played ball and made sand castles together.

Keith really took a dive to catch the ball Ella had thrown to him. Funny, I dont remember seeing him land. Especially with a smoke in his mouth. Way to go Daddy!

We had to teach Ella that throwing sand was not a good thing. Here, we got a great action shot of her throwing Sand at Amu (Thats what she calls my Mom)

Tubby time was fun in the sink. She loved to play with the water.


  1. Love the vacation pics! Looks like so much fun!!

  2. GREAT pics! I esp. love the one of Keith diving through the air with a cig hanging out.:) Very talented!! I'll have to make sure Ben sees that. :) The ocean shots are just beautiful! I think I'd be there all day with my camera. Sounds good right about now actually...