Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dinner With the Carroll's

We went out to dinner tonight with Jason and Lori and thier two boys Jacob and Joshua. We went to a place called Norman Quacks. The food was delicious and the kids got to run around and be silly for a little bit. The boys were teaching Ella how to play Star Wars. Guess who she got to be? You got it! Princess Leia. She attacked them with her tickle power! How cute is that? The boys are 10 and 4 and they are so good with Ella. Thank you for the nice time :)

Joshua let Ella try on his sunglasses.

Ella, Joshua and Jacob hamming it up for me.......

A little bit of brotherly love........

Ella, getting a moment alone with Joshua's glasses.

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  1. OMG!! You got some great pics! I can't wait to post mine!! We had a lot of fun too! Thanks for the kind words about the boys, they really enjoy being around her.