Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Trip to Florida

Well, let me start off by saying that there was a big surprise for me and Ella just before we left. Keith had booked a ticket to go to Florida with us some 6 weeks ago and I did not find out he was going until the night before we left. I was SO surprised. Apparently everyone in the world knew except for me. But I was glad he was coming....then Ella and I did not have to miss him. And I did not have to wonder what in the world he was going to do home alone with the dog for a week!

We had a wonderful time in Florida. We drove down to West Palm beach to visit my grandmother (Memere). We stayed at a hotel and swam in the pool and had a nice visit. Then we drove back to Orlando and spent the rest of the week at my Auntys house (Nancy and John). We did take one day and go to Disney with Ella. My Aunts friend gave us free one day passes. It was so nice of them and saved us a bunch of money. Ella had a ball, but we were all very exhausted.

We all enjoyed spending time with my family. I dont get to see them often since they live so far away. It was a great vacation. Thank you to everyone for all you did for us.