Thursday, May 22, 2008

Creepy Realization

So we're out in the front yard a week or so ago and one of my neighbor's comes walking over. We have never talked to this neighbor before or waved when passing by or anything like that in the 8 years we have lived in our neighborhood. I thought she was going to say something about my driving since I had just driven past the gazillion kids at her house each day.

She began explaining to Keith and I that in her big passenger van she has one of those rear view cam's to see if there's any kids behind her when she's backing out of the driveway. She said that when she backs out of her house at night time, the only picture that comes up on the cam is of a little girl sleeping in her bed.

It took a second, but then it clicked. The baby cam that we have in Ella's room was sending a signal to her van. "Way creepy", was the first thing I said. One of the other questions we asked was "How long have you been seeing this image?"

She replied, "Well, she's not in a crib anymore."

NOT IN A CRIB ANYMORE!? she hasnt been in a crib in over a year! Then it all came rushing back to me.....the many times I have gone into Ella's room with only my underwear on or NAKED! All the times in the middle of the night that I have gone in to comfort her or put her back to sleep.

I was slightly uncomfortable at that point, needless to say.

We had a couple of minutes of pleasant conversation. We found out that she does foster care for the county (which would explain the gazillion kids at her house all the time). She has 5 of her own and had 4-5 foster kids at the time. Then she excused herself to go home and make dinner.

I didnt get her name. I was too shocked that she was staring at my daughter in her bed at night. She said she didnt realize whose house it was until she saw us out playing in the year. We are apparently the only ones in our neighborhood with a little girl.

In any case, we do still use the camera, but only for like a half hours at a time, so that we know Ella has fallen asleep and is not playing in her room when she should be napping. I then go in and unplug the thing for the rest of the time.

Note to all.....You never know who's looking!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEKKK!!! I can't even think about what I walk around the house in at night (ok no neighbors) so I feel for you!! What a creepy, creepy realization!

  2. Creepy. Very creepy. And embarrassing. Wow. Cringe.

  3. Wierd! Yeah, I'd be a little freaked...

  4. OMG...that is so creepy! We have one of those cameras but have yet to use it since the baby boy sleeps in our room still.

    Yikes...I run around nekkid all the time when the blinds are down. Never thought about the camera transmitting to someone else...