Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Day

We went to the lake the other day so that Ella and Daddy could go fishing. We had just gotten her a new fishing pole and Keith told her when it was spring time that they could go fishing together. While they were fishing, Mommy layed out a blanket and relaxed in the sun. Once Ella got bored, she was free to roam the fields to pick dandilions (her favorite past time right now) and "dandilion fluffs" ( those things you used to make a wish with and blow them away). I dont know what they are called but thats what she calls them.
In any case, we had a great afternoon. I love to see them together. :)

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  1. LOVE your new site!!! GREAT pics, stories etc... You are a gifted photgrapher. I'd love to learn more as time goes on... I also liked reading about the ATM story. I had forgotten about that incident. It was neat to hear the follow up... What a GREAT story!