Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ella's Actual Birthday

Today for Ella's birthday, we took her to the Mall of America to go on some rides at the new Nickelodeon Universe. When the Mall opened, the amusement park there was called Camp Snoopy. They just changed it to Nickelodeon this past year, and since she knows all of the characters we thought she would have fun. We had also been to Disney World this past April and had gone on many rides. She still talks about them to this day, so we knew she would have fun.

One ride that we weren't too sure about was the Wonder Pets Flyboat. It was a ride that had sort of like a bench where all the kids sat down buckled in facing outward and then it just went up and down. She had to go on it by herself because Keith's butt was not going to fit in the little bucket seats. But we thought it didn't look that bad. So the ride went up and her eyes opened as she got to the top. Then, I was feeling a little relieved as it started to come down, because I thought that she would feel relieved too. Until......it started to come down, then slightly goes back up every couple of feet of so. So as its coming down, it goes up then down, up then down, as it jiggs its way to the bottom. Then it goes back up to do it all over again. I think it did the cycle maybe 4-5 times. But she was a trooper. As I am on the ground jumping up and down screaming, "WOO HOO" and making a fool out of myself, she found it to actually be quite enjoyable. At the end, she asked to go on it again. She also went on the ferris wheel. I thought she might be scared going up to high, but once again....Trooper!

Keith is the guy to go on all of the rides. My stomach turns just thinking about going on them. Even this little roller coaster.

She met Diego and as you can see by her face, she thought he was unusually large. :)

This dragon was the prettiest on the merry-go-round. I could hear as she and Keith walked up to get on the ride that she insisted she get to ride on the dragon.

Her new Dora cowgirl hat. She kept tipping it off saying, "Howdy partner".


  1. What a fun day! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

  2. The colours are amazing and the shot at the roller coaster is so sweet!

  3. Happy Birthday Ella!!

    I haven't been there yet since they reopened it, but I think the kids may just LOVE IT. Did the Flyboat replace the frog hop ride? They sound pretty similar. I wasn't sure Kai would like it but he thought it was pretty fun. It looks like it was quite the fun day for her!

  4. What fun! The cowgirl picture is adorable!

  5. I think that's a kid's dram day! How awesome. She is so cute tipping her hat. Sounds like she did GREAT on all the ride! Man, I know so many people that live in that area...no fair!