Monday, June 16, 2008

Playing Outside

I've had the lawn chair out so that I could get some sun since the weather has let up for the most part in the last week. Ella likes to put the two parts of the chair together and use it as a tent. I like to get close ups of her face all the time. I have always been into I am not that good on getting "landscape" sort of portraits.

Stacy at The Land of KA and Christina at Momology do great at getting pics of their kids in action. They have beautiful images on their sites of their kids.

I cant seem to find that balance between the background and the actual subject. Maybe its becasue I need a DSLR.

Hey! Thats what I'll use as an excuse to get a new camera!

Ya right.....good luck with that one you say? Me too.


  1. Awwww...she is so cute! Look at those big pretty eyes! :)

    Yes, DSLR's definitely help in getting action shots. I tried with my old point and shoot camera and got so frustrated. Having control really, really helps. :)

  2. You did darn good with these! She's such a pretty lil thing and you captured he beautifully. Those eyes! I love the shadow patterns made by the chair.

    A DSLR would help you immensely. I was in the same sitation as you until I got my Nikon 6 months ago, and my pictures improved dramatically overnight. I was so frustrated by my PAS and blurry photos!

  3. Those pictures are adorable. You need to print those out and put them in a frame. That last shot especially. Man, oh man those eyes!!

    Since I have only had my DSLR for 1week, I am still very much in the learning stage. I can tell you it is great to be able to push the button and actually get a shot. I used to get so frustrated with my PAS. I would have a great shot and just miss it.

    These are wonderful. You captured her perfectly.

  4. I have to admit I'm a bad person who didn't even read your post cuz I was so enthralled with Ella's photos. You take brilliant shots.

  5. DSLR or not, those pics are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by and your daughter has amazing eyes!