Sunday, July 6, 2008

More High Key

I took these pictures when we went to the beach the last week. I had originally posted them here. I had gotten a comment from Julie saying that the picture with Ella hugging Keith would look good in b&w. I hit my head when I read that because I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I was really disappointed with the color of the water to begin with....because it is icky brown. Then Christina posted a tutorial about high key and I thought these might be good photos to do that with since there is not much of a background anyways. It was easy to do the post processing and burn out the background anyways. I just took it a step further and got rid of it all together after turning it b&w.

The colored one was a bit more tricky. I got the effect I was looking for but wish the bottom left corner was a little washed out as well. For some reason that distracts me.

In any case, there are several ways to desaturate a photo. I was curious to know what every ones preference was on how to do that. With my 4mp P&S, my photos are kinda grainy, so depending on how the lighting was determines which way I will desaturate it. Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting my new camera and testing out the photos in Photoshop at that point. (Do I have to mention my new camera in every post I make until it arrives?)
UM, YES! It is literally all I have been thinking about all weekend. I went and bought a memory stick for it today, and yes, did stop and hold it at Best Buy before I left. Unfortunately they did not have it plugged in so I couldn't play with the controls. I just held it. And looked at it. Then wiped the drool off of it. :0)

Sorry, just bare with me......


  1. I loooove that one of your daughter walking witht the hubby in the background... super cute and beauitful

  2. I love the high key effect you used on these shots. They are very artsy!

    I convert to b&w using many different ways. I think every picture has a different contrast factor and takes a different way to convert. Sometimes it is just trial and error.

  3. LOVE these so much! That first one makes my heart melt a thousand differet ways. so perfect. The high key and b&w work so well here.

    I almost always convert with a gradient layer, but I've also found a few actions I like to use sometimes. Just depends on the picture and what kind of effect I want.

    so when's the camera come?!?!?! the holiday weekend just isn't fair when you're waiting on something like that. ;o)

  4. Ohhhhh!!! Really cool effects. I always love black & whites!

  5. Those look great. I read Christina's high key post too, but have not had time to test it out. I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements. I can't wait for you to get your new camera. Oh, BTW we are heading to MN on Thursday to visit family. (I noticed you lived in MN.) We are driving from TN with 3 kids under 4. AAAAHHHHH!

  6. Gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it! And I love how in the second one, your daughter is in focus and your husband is kind of blurry behind her. Love those. :) Have fun with that camera! I'll try not to be envious... my husband just bought me some filters for mine (they haven't arrived yet)- I'm looking forward to playing with them.

  7. Love these with the high-key effect and the BW! I use gradient map layer and some contrast/curves changes or use Pioneer Woman's BW actions!