Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Weekend So Far....

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. We had a full day. We went to the beach in the morning, came home to rest, went for a BBQ at a friends house and then went and saw fireworks. Ella loved the fireworks. She was jumping up and down and screaming until 11pm last night. It was so fun to watch her be excited. Needless to say, we got home at about 1130pm and she crashed - HARD. She didnt get up until 9am this either, for that matter. No nap today, which means she will go down early tonight. I am thankful for that because both Keith and I are wiped out.

I took a few pictures of fireworks. This one seems to be the best I came across.

Am I the only one who feels like standing up when I see fireworks, putting my hand to my heart and belting out the Star Spangled Banner? ;)

I am hitting the UPS website every few hours to track my beloved package. I got upgraded shipping and still feel like it is a world away! I feel like going into Best Buy just to hold it for a little bit to curb my craving. Isnt that crazy!?

Here's just a few pictures from our visit to the park the other day on the Mississippi River. Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!


  1. Stunning fireworks!! Great shot! And Princess Ella is as cute as ever.

    Oooo.. Nikon D80! Congrats! Let us know when you get it!

    I just played my friend's new D80 and lemme tell ya, that is one NICE camera! So many great functions that my D50 doesn't have and that my D300 does have. You'll love it!

  2. It really is SO much fun to see them so excited, isn't it?! What a full day you had. The pics are great, really love the last two. Can't wait to hear that it's here - you know that "it" I mean. ;o)

  3. Oh yes Christina, I KNOW! I am tracking it on UPS everyday. Although it has been slow going because of the holiday weekend! Went and bought a memory stick for it today. I could not be more prepared. I may as well be sleeping in the front lawn waiting for the UPS man to pull up.

  4. oh, how cute is she in her little cowboy hat?? Our kids were super excited about the fireworks, too. They are so much fun to watch. :)