Monday, August 25, 2008

Dancing Queen - Part 2

Here's a few more images from our "Aweemoway" dancing session. In this first picture, I just love the look of excitement and action as it looks like the wind is blowing her away with all of her hair flowing in the breeze. But I couldn't decide if I liked the color or the b/w version. To begin with, the color version was a little grainy that's why I did the conversion. I love the colors of her jammies and how beautiful it makes the pictures look, but I loved her eyes in the b/w shot. Which one fancies you more?

The next two pictures I loved because, as I said in my previous post, with the headband on her forehead like that, she totally reminds me of a Flapper from the 20's. My little Peanut getting her groove on!



This last set of photos kills me. She is SUCH THE ACTRESS! In the middle of dancing, she went into the garage and explained to me that Princess Snow White was sad. I asked why and she just said, "because she is". So I asked her if I could take a picture of "Sad Snow White" and she happily obliged (phew, dodged that cranky bullet). Then after I took a picture of her sad, I asked if Snow White could show me how she looks when she is happy. I was so bummed that they came out blurry, as this all happened in a matter of 30 seconds, but I still loved her expressions. Again, SUCH AND ACTRESS, that little girl of mine is!



  1. Such wonderful photos you get! It's difficult to decide which photo I like the best of the b/w and color. I think it's a tie.

    BTW, what kind of computer do you use to edit your photos with? Desk or laptop? Apple or other? My d.h. is of the desk, apple variety but I enjoy the convience of a laptop. Thanks!

  2. I like the black and white version because her eyes really shine. I love sad and happy Snow White. How cute!!

  3. I'm partial to the black and white, too. It really helps you focus on her and her beautiful expression. LOL at the "happy" and "sad" Snow White. :)

  4. I don't know...I guess I am opposite of everyone else...I like the color version!

    Have you tried noiseware? If you don't like the grain in a pic, noiseware is AWESOME for taking it out...but, you do have to be careful to not do too much or you can make people look a little plastic-y!

  5. I love the sad and happy versions! HA!

  6. I love colorful pictures, but there is something about B&W that really calls me, so I'm going to go with the black and white. I enjoyed all the dancing photos! Looks like fun and Ella seems to be a delightful little character!

  7. I am BIG fan of b/w so that one wins for me. Boy she loves to ham it up for the photos.

  8. Kimberly, I currently use a laptop with Photoshop CS3. I just got a new desktop and hope to be switched over to that soon.

  9. More terrific dancing photos! She is just so cute. It's another vote for b&w from me.

    Happy & Sad Snow White is too darling...Nadia was making all sorts of faces like that for me the other way, too, but I am waaaaay behind on editting.