Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ah, The Mind of a Child

Since Ella doesn't stop talking, she says so many things that I just want to capture for a life time. I am constantly amazed at how her little mind works and how she puts things together. I can remember when she first started talking really good, she would say the first few words of a sentence 3 or 4 times before she finished the rest of the sentence and you could just see her little brain working behind her eyes to try and figure out how the rest of the sentence should be said.

I have middle eastern in my heritage and I have always wanted to learn Arabic. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away this year. I always wanted to talk to him in Arabic, but I never jumped on learning it before he passed. My mom can remember when she was a little girl, all the men would gather and speak to each other in Arabic and I wish I had that experience too. So I just started taking Arabic courses through our school districts adult learning courses...for myself and to expand my mind. I'm sure those of you who are stay at home mom's can relate to having your brain feel like mush and the need to want to do something to exercise your brain. Well, that is what I am doing with these classes, and I am really enjoying it.

Trying to learn another language has made me more aware of what it is like for a child to learn to talk for the first time. How everything sounds like gibberish and you try to collect all your thoughts together to make that one sentence come out correctly.

Here's a few of the silly things Ella has said to hubby and I. The funny thing is, some of the things she says make sense to her.....but I cant say the same for the rest of the world! Other things are just plain cute.

When she is trying to poop she says, "My bum bum wont open!"

"My Daddy puts too much food in his mouth."

She filled up a bottle with water and said, "This is time in a bottle." She poured some in a cup and said, "And this is the seconds."

"Mommy, will we ever be able to go to the moon? Maybe we can go play on the moon and dance with the stars?"

"I love my Daddy, Do you love my Daddy? He is one of a kind."

I said to her, "Excuse me. Did you toot?" She said, "No, I just burped. Its nothing to worry about."

Hubby and I were going back and forth about Ella's cute little bum bum saying, "That's my butt, no its mine, no its mine." Ella chimed in and said, "Hey, you have to share you know."

Ella was reading a book and we were talking so she said, "Be quiet please, I'm trying to concerate." (concentrate)

We had hamburgers for dinner one night and hubby asked Ella, "Do you like your hamburger?" Ella responded, "Mmmmm. Ya, it didn't taste this nice in a couple of years."

We had boneless buffalo wings one night...the next day we went to the zoo and saw buffalo. My mom said to Ella, "Look at the buffalo!" Ella responded, "I don't like spicy buffalo."

Hubby forgot to put underwear on Ella when he put her jammies on. I said to her, "You have no undergarments on." (not that I ever use that word regularly) But Ella said, "Daddy, we forgot armor garments."

Ella drinks a small glass of water before bed. As she ran down the hall to her bedroom, she yelled to hubby, "Get me some water, big guy!"

fairy wings


  1. That is great that you were able to remember all of those cute things she has said and then document them. I am so bad at remembering them. My daughter always gets on to my husband for eating too fast. I do love the things they come up with.

  2. Fun stuff!!!!

    She filled up a bottle with water and said, "This is time in a bottle." She poured some in a cup and said, "And this is the seconds." --Clever girl!!!! That's so cute!

  3. Awww....love this post! They always entertain you, don't they? I can't wait until Caden starts talking more...he already entertains me...Can't imagine how it will be when he's REALLY talking!

    This is time in a bottle." She poured some in a cup and said, "And this is the seconds." -- THAT is hysterical and VERY smart!

  4. Love the photo of her with her wings. She's always got the best smile of joy on her face!

    Kids say the darnest things don't they. I can just imagine little Ella saying all those things, too. It gives a glimpse of her personality. :)

    Good luck with your course, too. What a great thing to do!

  5. OMG! They do say the cutest stuff huh? Just today Joshua didn't want to come inside after we dropped Jacob off at school and he stood by the car and said "I am not coming in for any one of those stupid things" I then asked what he meant by stupid things, and he said "Cuz I said so" clearly I was the one he was mad at, and punishing me by staying outside! Oh well, it was so funny I had to turn away from the door to laugh! And yes I agree with you about the stay at home brain mush! I too am taking a class at the school, but not as labor intensive as yours, Rubber Stamping! Hey, it gets me out! Take Care!

  6. LOVE this! She is so sweet and clever and FUNNY! I'd say SHE is one of a kind. What a riot. Great fairy pic!