Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Bet you think it looks like Ella is just playing with water. And I bet you think she is just pouring water from one cup to another with no purpose. And I bet you also think she thinks she is just playing with water too.

She's not.

She's making "hot" tea for her and her "guests" to have a tea party.
She's carefully stirring duck soup to feed to our dog Lulu.
She's mixing a mud pie.
She's gently wetting the leaves so that they will be clean.
She's pouring each drop of medicine precisely in the next cup so as to only fill it up until the top bubbles over.

She's expanding her little brain with every second she is playing with that magical water and creating whole worlds and scenarios. Her little brain is amazing. Her her little brain is wonderful. And she's all mine.



  1. Imagination captured. She looks so intent on creating th best meal ever.

  2. So sweet, I love when they are so intent on what they are doing...just so in the moment.

    I'd take a cup from Miss Ella anyday...and I'd like a spot of honey in mine please!

    Lovely shots, as usual- You have such a talent!

  3. It is amazing how long they can be occupied with water and some cups. You can tell she has such a vivid imagination. I love the water pouring shots.

  4. I LOVE this! You can really see her mind at work...so focussed. So imaginative. So beautiful. Maybe my favorite post from you ever.

    And I love this part - "she's all mine!"

    [funny, too, that a lot of those bowls and cups look familiar! :o) ]

  5. These photos make me want to cry....they're really beautiful.

  6. Ah yes, water...the PERFECT toy! Caden is obsessed with it and therefore, we are constantly cleaning up after him! These are awesome...so fun to see her little imagination at work!