Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Day on the Farm, Part 1

As I mentioned before, My mom and I took Ella for a hayride last week. Included was the hayride, alot of animals, a horse ride, a hay maze and a pumpkin. We had a wonderful morning.

I gotta tell ya, I don't think I ever enjoyed Fall before as I have this season. The colors seem so much more vibrant than ever before and Ella has enjoyed every second of playing in the brisk weather, frolicking in the leaves, hugging her pumpkin as if it is a baby and telling everyone that the leaves are going to fall just before the snow comes. It must be the age. And I must not have ever seen the season through the eyes of my child as I have this year.

I was so hoping Ella would get on that horse. And she did, without hesitation. Before the ride was over, she was blowing kisses and waving as if she was the princess of the parade.



  1. Ooh, I love that 3rd to last one...little Ella on the huge horse. That would look good in b&w...but then again, I think everything looks good b& don't listen to me!
    Either way, you should frame that one :)

  2. I agree with "frozen eights", that's a great photo and would look lovely in b&w. The one with the kitten in Ella's arms is just adorably (is that a word?) sweet! And the goose chasing the kitten is funny. Hopefully the kitten learned quickly to steer clear of goose because they can be quite mean.

  3. Your photography is so amazing. Bright, sharp, bold. I'm inspired just looking at it. :)

  4. What a fun place! I LOVE that last one...makes me want to go ride a horse!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Fall is my favorite...but for some reason I'm enjoying more than ever this year too.

  6. Oh, wonderful shots! I love the ones of her holding the kitten and she does look soooo happy on that horse. :) I think I enjoy it now more with kids, too. It seems so much more fun!

  7. I was looking through and trying to pick a favorite. They are all so great. I just couldn't pick one. Ella looks so tiny on that huge horse. She is one brave girl.

  8. Wonderful pictures! That picture of her smiling from the saddle is too cute. And she looks absolutely in love with the kitten. What a great day! All your pictures turned out awesome.

  9. Looks AND sounds like a wonderful time!! Her little face just radiates joy. You are getting SO GOOD with lighting, too, I love the light in all of these. I'm still waiting for fall to really arrive here...

  10. She looks absolutely giddy about being on that horse!!