Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Growing Up So Fast

Earrings and lip gloss....The begining of my little girls life as a big girl. We clipped these earrings on her and she felt beautiful, she told me. Then she got some lip gloss when hubby bought the movie sleeping beauty. She could spend hours loading and inch thick coat on her lips and still not think it was enough. Then she goes into the bathroll and pulls my hand held mirror out of the drawer and gazes at herself. She is such a girly girl! I have yet to do the makeup thing with her yet so I can take pictures of her....One pretend step at a time, I say, before she grows up too fast!


This means, "Get out of the way Mama before I run you over!"



  1. How cute! Violet will ask to wear some makeup (very light dusting of eye shadow)on the rare occassion when I wear it. She is so curious about makeup. Thankfully, I've not found her raiding my makeup bag yet. Having a girly girl is so much fun!

  2. Sigh. Yes, they really do grow up so fast. TOO fast! She really does look beautiful - but mostly because of the sparkle in her eyes, not the earrings! love her expression in #3.

  3. So sweet...especially that second photo.
    I'd always hoped I would have a girly little girl. But I have a feeling Tessa's going to be out in the garage with her daddy :)

  4. Oh, what a beautiful little princess you have there! I love her posing - just too cute! Love the shot of your hubby shooing you outta the way too LOL!

    Anya got some earrings this summer, but they were so crappy they fell apart when I tried to put them on her. Those look like they are actually staying on - I need to get some of those! Anya loves her chapstick/lip gloss, too. At least she's not eating it anymore. ;)

  5. LOL...the pictures of her on the lawnmower all dolled up are hysterical...what a fun contrast!

  6. Wow! I don't know how I missed these! Great pictures! I love the hair! Oh to be young and free again...SIGH! :D She's beautiful.

  7. The earrings with the combo of the tracker are perfect!