Thursday, December 18, 2008

Theme Thursday - Holiday Memories

I can always remember Christmas morning. The anticipation and excitement of not being able to go to sleep and of waking up and seeing all of the presents in the living room. They didn't just go under the tree either. It seemed the presents overflowed throughout the room. My special present that I got was a stereo. Every couple of years or so, my parents would upgrade me from the last one I got. I started out with a record player, then got a boom box, then got a table top stereo until I finally got what seemed like the granddaddy of all stereos. It had its own cabinet, 4 component pieces and it was beautiful. As a matter of fact, I still have the stereo which now sits out in my garage. We use it in the summer time while playing outside.

My parents were very good to my brother and I. I don't know how they did it. Actually, my mom just told me the other day that she never bought anything for Christmas that she could not pay off in January. What a concept! Too bad, I don't know how to manage that....

I am so thankful that Ella is so close to my parents. She is their Angel. Their Princess. Their wonderful look at life again through new eyes. Grandparents are the best. And I know that they will give her just as many wonderful memories that they gave me as a child.

I posted a photo the other day of Ella and her Amu.

Here's Ella and her Eppe


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  1. Great memory. And fun photos of Amu.

  2. That last picture is just priceless - love it! It is so wonderful that they are so close. Oh, and lucky you! Wow, a new stereo every year or so. Those were super gifts! :)

  3. Amazing photos, you can really see how much they like being with each other in those photos.

  4. I know that this is not at all the focus of this post...but I love your dad's hands!!
    It certainly does sund like you were blessed with wonderful parents, and Ella with wonderful grandparents! Between them and you and your hubby, Ella will have a hard time chosing one favorite christmas memory.