Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

I was tickled pink that Stacy made the theme for this week Winter Wonder Land. Being winter in Minnesota, I have a ton of pictures of Ella out in the snow. I recently bought a new hat so that when I take pictures of her, they don't all look the same!

I present to you.....Henry.

In this first shot, Ella was scolding Lulu for getting too close to Henry before he was completed. I just got a kick out of it. I wish you could see her arm and fingers pointing at her telling her to "STAY AWAY!!"


I am not a snow person by any means, but I cant help to be delighted every time Ella is in the snow. The childhood joy she feels when playing in the snow is so infectious....Enough that I actually took her outside myself yesterday. 30 degrees was feeling like a heat wave!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. What a wonderful snowman! Her snowsuit sure is perfect for playing in the snow. Your b/w shots of her front and back snow angels turned out beautifully. :) I have my moments when I wish we had a little bit of snow.

  2. Yesterday would have been a great day to make a snowman! When I was out with the kids on Sunday the snow was still to dry to do anything with it. Wonderful shots of Ella and Henry. :) Oh, I have a ton of hats for Anya, too. It's all about the photography LOL!

  3. i love the "on the stomach" snow angel pics -- her face popping out of the snow -- so cute. hope henry didn't corrupt any minors with that hat of his ;).

  4. You can never have too many hats!!! Especially if you are a little girl. I think Henry turned out very nicely. I love his Guiness hat!!

  5. Henry is Fabulous!
    I LOVE the shot of your little snow angel...on her belly! :)

  6. Hi Henry, it's nice to meet you!! I never before noticed just how much Ella looks like her Daddy. Wow, for real. You know I lvoe that hat. Another terrific series, but I really love the b&w ones!

  7. I love the leaf smile! Why to work with what you got!

  8. Henry is so handsome, love his hat. The first shot reminds me of my son always waggin his finger at the cat to stay away from his creations.
    How do you do your B&W process? I love it.

  9. I want to make a snowman!!! You rock the snow shots...they are always awesome!

  10. The last one really make me smile. You have had some really great Winter photos lately.

  11. I am totally jealous of all your snow -- we have the cold, but not nearly that much of the white stuff.

    And what a cute hat!