Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How In The World......

Many of you asked about my last post with the world in Ella's hand. It was totally unplanned...until she mentioned it to me. We were playing with playdoh and mixing colors when I did this little tiny one in her hand below she told me it looked like the Earth. I was first of all stunned that she knew the word Earth or what it looked like. But that's when I decided to make a bigger ball of playdoh. She was very excited that it was so much bigger than the one before.

Below is the original photo that I used. Yes, she actually has blue nail polish on...I wish she hadn't for this picture because I feel it took away from the actual focal point of the Earth. As you can see, the playdoh was pink and green to begin with. With a lot of Photoshop work, I got it to be blue and green. I worked so long and left it for many days to go back and look at it with fresh eyes.

I knew it wasn't perfect. The blue didn't blend as nicely as I had wanted it to. I felt that it almost looked like I placed the ball in her hand through Photoshop because the shadowing wasn't as consistent as I had hoped. But I finally laid it to rest. I knew it was the best I was going to be able to do, and I was happy with it for my limited PS experience. Thank you for all of your nice comments. :o)



  1. That's so cool. I think you did a great job. Thanks for sharing your secret.

  2. I think you did a great job! I never would have known! Thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear about other's tips and tricks! :) I think the photo is brilliant, btw. :D

  3. You did awesome with it, Jo! You're way too hard on yourself - no one would ever have guessed if you hadn't given away your secret! Love it.