Monday, February 2, 2009

Reading To Daddy

Some days are really tough being at home with Ella. Most times I am exhausted by the time Keith gets home. I cant image how Mom's with more than one kid do it....but I suppose the kids keep each other entertained somewhat.

On those days that I am wiped out, Keith will come home and ask Ella if she will read him a book while he showers. She loves to do that with him. She cant actually read, but her ability to memorize a book is amazing. If we read a book enough times, she will actually read it to us some nights before bed. It is so cute to see her little mouth move and her voice talk when it is scripted, rather than random flapping from the lips like it usually is! :o)



  1. Look are her sweet feet! Sometime there is nothing better than when Daddy gets home!! He still can't figure out why they go running to him as soon as he opens the door. I always say, "They are as tired of me as I am of them."

  2. She is so adorable!
    You pictures speak volumns!
    I adore them all.

  3. Ohhh, those, so sweet.

  4. Those are adorable pictures. What a wonderful idea too. W.W. can't read yet either but if you ask him to tell you a story about the book he's looking at he'll make something up for you. That's great her memory is so good. She looks totally content to sit there and tell the story. :)

  5. Another sweet series! I love those tiny crossed feet, and I guess you did too since the next picture was a closeup of them. :o) I can almost hear her telling the story. Nadia always runs for her daddy, too and doesn't understnad that he needs a few minutes to unwind first.

  6. You need a break, so you go take pictures. Of course that is what you do. hahaha

    Love the toe picture.

  7. Hmmm...I spy some little GIRL feet...not so baby looking! Look out Joanna!! I just love seeing kids have a love of books...nothing better!

  8. So cute! I bed Daniel would get a kick out of that book..and speaking of kicks- I LOVE the photos, 2nd from the bottom!! :D

  9. She's so cute here and love teh last one of the toes. Adorable!

    Yes, with 2+ kids they do tend to entertain each other, but then sometimes they do that by picking on each other and then the tantrums and whining, it's not always so great. ;)