Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Things.....

Two things have been going through my mind for quite some time now.

Thing #1. I am feeling HUGELY uninspired lately....AND I HATE IT. I have barely picked up my camera in the last 2-3 weeks. We all go through lulls like this but my creative pores are completely clogged right now and its so frustrating. I look at every ones images for "365" and they are great but I feel like my "eye" is sleeping lately. Every picture I take is blah to me.

That being said....

Thing #2. Have you noticed I have been into Ella's hands and feet recently? I was laying in bed one night and out of the blue the phrase "ELLAments of Life" came into my head. I saw images flash before me with all sorts of ideas on how to use this phrase. And again.....(refer to Thing #1).....I am at a loss. But one thing it has done for me is be so much more aware of her hands and feet....Sounds weird, I know. Not that I don't love them and look at them and kiss them everyday anyways, but everything she does with them, I just want to capture.

When she was a baby, my Mom used to say to me, "Look at those hands Jo. They are made to do great things." A little quirk she had when she was younger was that she used her middle finger as her pointing finger. She touched everything with her middle finger. She doesn't do that anymore, but it is still cool to watch her little hands and feet learn how to work.....Even at almost 4 years old.

So I guess I need to just pick up my butt (or my camera in this case) and start shooting again and hopefully things will fall back in place.......It would suck not to capture absolutely all of the "ELLAments of Life".


  1. The Ella-ments of Ellas life is a wonderful way to focus your camera! It was very creative to think of that! Ella is such a girly girl. My Violet is too and I often wonder how she got that way as I'm not very girly at all. lol.

  2. I LOVE the "Ellaments" of life! That's so cute! I can never think of anything original or fun like that! :) Sorry to hear that you're feeling uninspired. I always feel better after spending some time outside- don't know if that would help you. :) I love this series of photos. You've captured some really sweet shots. I know what you mean about the hands and feet. I have a thing for them too. Take care and feel better!! :)

  3. Honey, even if you're feeling uninpsired - your images are still an inspiration to others! Believe me, they are! I love the ELLA-ments of Life. Perfect.

    This series is too sweet. Love hor focussed and proud she is. Your table is gorgeously reflective, too!

  4. I agree with Christina. Your photos most definitely inspire me. I would have never known you were in a lull.

    I know what you mean though. I picked up my camera once this weekend.

    I think you should just roll with the Ella-ments of Life. That is such a cool idea.

  5. Ella-ments of life!! LOVE IT! And, that last photo, Joanna...LOVE IT!

    I go through phases of creative inspiration and the blahs too...I think it just part of photography...Good thing is, it will come back and then you can work on the Ella-ments!

  6. Ella-ments: Cute AND punny!
    I love thes photos of her all polished.