Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Theme Thursday - Laughter

* Laughing Buddha *

Ok, c'mon now.....When else was I supposed to post this shot? :o)

Keith and I had the chance to go out to the lunch a week or so ago without Ella. He took me to this hole in the wall Chinese restaurant, which are secretly always the best. We had the lunch buffet, all you can eat for like $6.00. The special thing about this place though, is that it is a sit down buffet.

I am pretty sure it is family owned, and for the life of me, I cant remember the name of this place.....Anyways, you sit at a table and the waitress(s) bring out one dish at a time in a big family style bowl with tongs and dishes out the food to anyone who wants it. Once they have served everyone that dish, they come out with the next dish and ask you if you want some of that.

At first, I was starving and they came and gave me one tiny skewer of chicken and a chicken wing. I looked at Keith and said, "Are you kidding me? I am starving!" He just shook his head and told me to be patient. Within a few minutes or so, my plate was full (heaping over, actually) with each delicious dish I chose to eat...sweet & sour chicken, noodles, fried rice... You know, all the good stuff. And IT WAS GOOD!

So towards the end of the meal, they came around with dessert. Which was a bowl of HUMONGOUS mini donuts. Who doesn't love mini a full size donut size! I am wiping off the drool as I type. I was full. Happy and full. And I thought that was the best part of the meal, until I got out to the register to pay my $12.00 bill...which is a steal for an all you can eat Chinese buffet for two! Go to LeeAnn Chin and Keith and I could spend over $20.00 for a meal with appetizers and a drink (to share for that matter). At the register, they had this Buddha sitting there with a plethora of pennies flowing out of his lap. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It was like "kindness floweth'ing over" (I have been known to make up words every once and a while).

Just think of all the people that dropped a penny in Buddha's lap! Do you think that it was the Buddha that made more people want to leave their change?

In any case, this "Laughing Buddha" is my contribution to this weeks Theme Thursday. Head on over to Stacy's at The Land of KA for more laughter!



  1. Love the bright colors in this shot! I wonder if it gives you good luck for the day when you give budda a penny? That restaurant sounds great, and whoo hoo for a night out! We had a favorite over on the east side before we moved...Yangs. They have the BEST eggrolls I have ever tasted..nice and crunchy, too.

  2. Wow! That sounds like a steal. You can't beat that. I love that you had your camera with you at the Chinese restaurant. I probably would not have been so brave. I love the shot though.

  3. what a great shot...and what a great meal! makes me hungry for something other than the boring lunch i'm going to eat ;). btw: did you really just happen to have your camera at lunch:)?

  4. That's awesome! I have to agree you should always rub the belly and leave a contribution for Buddha, I do when I see him at restuarants too. :)

    Sounds like an excellent meal and what a wonderful time. When my husband comes to town we try to sneak out for lunch too. It happens to rarely that it is such a treat.

  5. Great shot, great story. He really look like he is enjoying all those pennies.

  6. What an awesome, fun resteraunt and at a bargain!! Yum, I love Chinese - and those little hole in the walls places are the BEST. Buddha's jolly grin makes me smile, too.

  7. That's a gorgeous shot! Beautifully framed and such rich colours. So funny to see brown pennies. We don't have any copper coins anymore in Australia. Nice take on the theme.

  8. This is a great shot -- and what a delicious sounding meal! I have a major craving for some Chinese food now!