Friday, May 29, 2009

Enough Already...

Sick. not sick.
Sick. not sick.
Sick. not sick.

That's how it is. Ella has been sick for countless months now on and off. She got a regular old cold a few months ago and then it turned into a chest thingy with a cough where the doctor ended up prescribing an inhaler because the cough never went away.

But the last 3 weeks have been so weird....I am not kidding. One week, she got sick, was throwing up and had a fever. That was quite an experience. This was the first time she has puked as a toddler and I don't think she knew what to do. Seriously, she didn't know whether she should keep her hands over her mouth, where to let it land once it came out or if she should swallow it. **Yuck, I know** I was in such a deep sleep when she woke me up that I didn't know what the hell was going on. I just kept saying, "Let it come the toilet!" That lasted 2-3 days. Then she was better. It wiped her out so much that she fell asleep on the coach within 45 minutes of waking up the next morning. Ella was never one of those kids to fall asleep wherever unless she was in a bed. It was SUPER weird that she did that.

The next week after being fine for the last 4 days or so, all of a sudden she came down with a fever that went up to 103.5 degrees. To me, that is high and I was freaking out! It started around 2pm and every few hours we gave her Tylenol and was putting her in a cold shower. Her temp would go down to around 100 degrees and then spike back up. This happened all night long. We took 4 showers that night (and I mean from midnight to 6am). Keith thought that since the shower was breaking her fever that we were ok and just needed to let it pass. I brought her into the doctors the next day and the doctor said the same thing. That lasted 2-3 days. Then she was better.

Now, she is just coming off another cold. When I came home from work on Tuesday, my Mom said Ella was warm, had been coughing all day and kept having blowouts from her nose every time she sneezed. Lots of Care Bear and My Little Pony movies later and she is starting to feel better.

My friend had a baby a couple of weeks ago. We have been trying to get together on Wednesday for the last 3 weeks! Every week, Ella gets sick and we don't want to bring her near little V. so we reschedule for the next Wednesday. Fingers crossed that next week works! :0)

I think it was on the first bought of sickness, we got a wonderful surprise in the mail. I had asked Jen at New Green Mama to make me one of her awesome owls, but then I saw this bunny and thought, "I must have the bunny!" Thankfully, Jen asked me if I wanted the bunny instead of the owl. I must have sounded too excited in the comment I made about the bunny. :0) I didn't know she had even mailed it at this point, so when it came that day it was the most perfect thing Ella could have seen considering the way she felt.

After I took a few pictures of her with her new bunny, I started picking up the house a little. About 20 minutes later I looked over at her and she was again, asleep on the couch. It was absolutely the cutest thing. She was so wiped that she just closed her eyes and was out. I just stared at her.

Thank you so much Jen for the bunny. It really was just what we needed that day. :0)

I'm done venting....
Hoping for healthy summer days ahead.


  1. Those are some of the sweetest, more adorable pictures!! Your poor girl. I hope she's feeling all better soon. That bunny is great!!

  2. Oh goodness, what a roller coaster! The back and forth is the worst part. Poor Ella. I hope she really is on the road to recovery for good this time! The bunny is so unbearbly cute. I love all of Jen's stuff, but I agree - that is one of the best! I hope YOU get a break soon!

  3. I can totally relate Joanna, it so frustrating when your kids are sick. I hope that she is better and stays better. What an awesome little bunny and the shot of her sleeping with it is so cute. I bet the bunny helped a bit.

  4. I am so sorry Ella as been so sick. Man, that is no fun at all. Hopefully the warmer weather will help. I am so glad Ella liked her bunny and it arrived to comfort her while she was sick. Here's to a healthy summer.

  5. I hope Ella is feeling much better!!! Beautiful shots of your little girl. We went through a week with a high fever with Violet and life is just now getting back to normal. Something we did that really seemed to help was alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofin. Our pediatrician told us to do this and I swear it helps. You can stay ahead of a fever with this method.

  6. Yikes! I hope she is past it all now! And, I thought that bunny looked like Jen's stuff!

  7. Oh, poor Ella! I hope she is better now for good. She certainly looks like she has been a bit tired and sick. I hope it has finally gone away for her now. Love that bunny, too. Jen does good work. :)