Friday, June 12, 2009

Gettin' Down and Dirty

Mudpies, apple soup, dragon potion, planting rocks or freshly picked dandelions.....whatever it may be, my child LOVES to play in this dirt filled yard we have right now. Since construction started, 3/4 of our yard has been torn up and Ella loves dirt! Who'da thought?! Keith basically had to teach her how to climb a dirt hill and she was totally freaked out to run down the hill by herself. But after she did it for the first time.....dirt has been her best friend. Its like a little dirt loving animal has been released!

On Memorial Day morning Keith brought Ella fishing. He bought these worms to go fishing with but forgot to grab them when they left, so he took them out later on in the afternoon while we were playing outside. Keith was teaching her how they would be good for our yard and they watched as they dug themselves into the ground. Ella hates all things bugs but she did really good handeling these worms.

I seriously dont think I have ever seen Ella's face this dirty before. But I could just stare at it forever. She created that dirty little face while she was having fun. Every rub on the nose or itch on her face was taken care of with a smeared dirty mud caked hand....while having fun. Her face is like a one of a kind masterpiece. What could be sweeter than that?


  1. I don't know if there's anything cuter than that! She's absolutely adorable, dirt and all.

  2. I love nothing better than a kid with a dirty face. Too cute!

  3. Ugh ew is all I can say. Worms. Ew. Even the cute face can't take my mind off of ew.

  4. These are great!! I enjoyed each photo so much. Good for you for letting her get dirty!!! =D

  5. She is just the cutesy - even with (especially with!) that dirty little face!

  6. Hehehe! Looks like there's a little tomboy hidden in your girly princess! I think there would have been a lot of shrieking and not much touching worms if that were Nadia. LOL Ella looks SO CUTe all covered in dirt!

  7. Those are some HUGE worms. Her dirty little face is beyond sweet.

  8. Love her dirty little face. :) That is the epitome of childhood...playing in the dirt and having make believe time.

  9. WOW! LOVE the DOF and clarity in these!!! So cute of your little "tomboy" - at least for the day, right? :)