Friday, July 10, 2009

A Little Sporatic 'round These Parts

I haven't posted much here in the last couple of weeks. I didn't realize how little time I have spent actually on the computer. In the times that Ella is occupied, I find myself either doing some work, making the most out of the beautiful weather, or wanting to take a nap. I haven't shot much lately either. I am hoping once I stop going into the office at the end of July, that I will feel like I have more time to myself. I have been so lucky though to be working these extra hours while my friend is on maternity leave. I am looking forward to working with her for a few days before I stop going into the office too.

After waiting 3-4 weeks for my carpet to come in for my bedroom, we finally got it installed yesterday and set up our new KING size bed. OMG how I love the size of my king size bed! Coincidentally, Ella was having nightmares last night so she jumped into bed with us and we had SO much room. I wasn't half hung over the edge of the bed. Whats even better though is that she woke up about an hour later and decided to go back to her bed. Love ya babes, but more room for me! :0)

So, for the readers that I have, sorry it's been so slow. Hope you stick around though. Once the dust clears, I am looking forward to picking up the camera again. In the meantime, 2 out of 3 isnt bad.....Enjoying the weather and taking naps sounds good to me! :0)



  1. It's been a little slow over at my blog too. Life's just so busy. I'm hoping to get back a little more now.

    I can't believe how comfortable Ella is with that caterpillar!!!! Great shots... but.... eek!

  2. It's hard to find time to blog when there are so many other things going on. I feel the same way. A nap wins every time in my opinion!!

    I can't believe Ella let that caterpillar crawl up her nose.

  3. Oh Joanna!!! the shot of the caterpiller crawling up her nose is freakin awesome!

    I haven't been around much've got your carpet and we're putting in floors. Lily is almost 2 months old, Mia's out of school for the summer and we move into our house this Friday!

    Move on over in that king bed of yours, I'm coming over to nap with ya! :)

  4. Naps trump blogging time EVERYTIME!

    But I do miss your amazing photos. They are so incredibly crisp and clear and vibrant. That is one amazing caterpillar series! I'd hang that on a wall somewhere!

  5. Love those shots! She's not squeamish about bugs at all is she?? That little guy was crawling all over her! Love the shallow DOF of these shots - beautiful. :)

    I haven't been feeling overly compelled to blog lately either. The weather has been so dreary. I think that is part of the problem.

  6. Great series of photos.
    I like the new header

  7. That girl has NO fear whatsoever of creepy crawlies, does she?! I love how adventerous she is. What an awesome series, both the subject matter and your photography. You and Ella make a GREAT team!

    Do you have room in your big new bed for another person? I think I'm heading straight to a nap from here.

    Oh, love your header image, too!

  8. Oh yeah, a nap would win over blogging any day!

    These pictures remind me of being a kid - I LOVED caterpillars...of course, your DOF is stunning too!