Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Magic Pot

I recently went to two Pampered Chef parties and fell in love with what they call "The Magic Pot". Its actually called something like the Deep Covered Baker. For someone like me, who does not cook, who hates to cook, this baker was a dream come true. I sat there in awe as the hostess told us all you could do with this stoneware baker. You can cook a whole chicken in it IN THE MICROWAVE! You don't even know how many meals I can make with it IN THE MICROWAVE! That's my kinda cookware.

So during the second party that I went to, the hostess actually baked a cake in it...You guessed it....IN THE MICROWAVE! It was the most moistest (is that a a word?) cake I had ever had. Of course it being a Lava Devils Food cake didn't hurt the situation. I was also pleased at how easy it was going to be that it was something I could do with Ella almost mess free. So we gave it a go! We put all of the ingredients into our "Magic Pot"......

Just after mixing the ingredients, I took a scooper and scooped several balls of fudge frosting into the baker. This is how you make the lava. Once you stick it in the microwave to cook, all of the fudge falls to the bottom and you have an ooey gooey fantastic treat.

After licking the bowl clean and 10 easy minutes in the microwave, we enjoyed a puffy, moist, chocolaty chocolate, devils food cake. I feel more domesticated already! *Sniff*


Thank you my Pampered Chef hostess (thats you Alyssa!) for opening my eyes to this wonderful piece of equipment!! :0)


  1. Oh my dear merciful dieting heart. That looks positively DIVINE. I need that pot, complete with the lava cake!

  2. Oh my goodness I'm drooling. Yum. Seriously? In the micro? You've probably just increased Pampered Chefs sales by 200%.

  3. I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!! And yes, I meant to use all caps on that sentence b/c I just LOVE it SOOO MUCH!!! heehee. I have that same baker, but in burgundy, and it's wonderful. You can make the BEST pot roast ever in that thing. Enjoy!

  4. dude! I love pampered chef...and the stoneware. sigh....not sure my microwave is big enough for that though.

  5. Too cool! I have never tried the fudge thing in a cake, sounds awesome. How long do you cook it for in the microwave?

  6. Darn you! You just made me want cake at 11:00 at night. seriously, looks YUM-O! I love Pampered chef. So you can mix it up and then bake it all in the same bowl/pan? Cool.

  7. Oh, I'm a huge PC fan. I haven't been to a party for awhile so didn't know about this piece. Looks like a great one to have!

  8. Hi there. I am a Pampered Chef consultant in Memphis, TN. I ran across your blog quite by accident when searching for recipes and reviews on our deep covered baker. I loved reading your review on the product (such high praises!!) and the story your pictures told. Besides that, I wanted to tell you I love your photography. I looked at some of your other blog postings and I just love all of your photos. You have quite a talent...and such adorable subjects (those big bright eyes!!). Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the world; it's quite beautiful.

  9. I'm hosting a party this month so I can get this pot half off! Can't wait to use it!

    Lindsey @

  10. Would it work if I made it ahead of time?