Monday, October 12, 2009

BSM - The Magical Clock

Have I taught Ella how to tell time yet? Not really. We talk about it, but she doesn't get the grasp so much. Its been okay with me though. That way I can put her to bed early if I want and she's none the wiser. Its a win win situation in my eyes. But lately, occurrences are beginning to happen where it appears that her learning to tell time might be a benefit to me instead of a hindrance.

For instance, she has been waking up way to early. I'm talking 530-6am, when Keith gets up for work. Usually, she will crawl into be with me, I will turn on some toons and Keith will get her some dry cereal or something and some juice before he leaves. I can probably manage to stay in bed with her until 730am on a good day at that point until she starts begging for me to get out of bed. Well, when she does it on the weekends too, it just becomes too much.


So this morning, she did her normal routine of rising and shining (while its still dark out) and came into my room. I told her that times were going to change and here were the rules. when she wakes up and it is still dark out, she can either play in her room quietly until it is light outside or she can come and lay in bed with Mommy....quietly....And when the first number on the clock turns to a 7 then we can turn the toons on (and I might get another hour of sleep in bed, heehee).

When she woke up this morning at 615am, 45 minutes was a LONG time for a 4 year old to wait until the first number turned to a seven. But she stared at that clock with fierce intent to make those numbers change. Once the 15 turned to a 16, she patted me on the back and said,

"Mama, that 5 turned into a 6! Did you see that? It was magical!"

It was a long 45 minutes until 7am. Did I get to fall back asleep until then? Nope. But at least we have a base down for our new morning rule.

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  1. Aw, her innocence is so sweet. A part of you (the not sleepy part) probably would like that to stay awhile.

  2. Such great colors in that shot! I love it. We do the '7' thing with our 3.5 year old as well. It works most of the time, so hopefully you'll be getting some more rest soon! Good luck!

  3. what a super funky fresh hat! doesn't wear her at all ;) She's so relaxed and sassy at the same time!

    loving the clock post...sounds like a ditto over here. I try to stay in bed as long as possible, while Daddy hooks her up with a cereal bar and a show on the way to work...I can usually get an extra 30 min :)

  4. oh yes, the magical clock. we have that at our house, too. i adore that hat, especially since i won't ever get a pic of my boys in one of those ;).

  5. What a great shot!!! Love everything about it! Good luck with the morning routine.

  6. Nadia is in a sleeping late phase right now, and I'm LOVING IT! She sleeps until 8 almost every day. And oh yah, I sleep right along with her. She hasn't figured out the clock things yet!

    lovin' her groovy hat, too! I think that picture is a glimpse of her at 12 years old.

  7. Oh...I promise gets better. Although Em is not even close to being a teenager but when I wake her up at 7 most mornings she tells me, "but I'm just sooo sleepy, Mama!" And it wasn't so long ago they bounded into my room before dawn!

    Besides, she is just so sweet...and in that hat? How can you be grumpy with that face staring you down in the morning! :-)

  8. I love her hat, it is just beyond cute.

  9. Oh Joanna, another perfect photo of your precious little girl. I absolutely love it. My kids sleep in unless it is the weekend. What is up with that? I hope the clock stays magical.

  10. I can relate to this. what happens to me though, is I HAVE to wake her up between 7-7:30 on the week days so we can get to school and work, but on the weekends...she comes bounding happily into my room at 6:30!! what is up with that.

    I once saw this really cool product for kids. It was a clock that hung on the wall, and glowed yellow during (your set) daylight hours, and blue during (your set) sleeping hours. Then you could tell the child to stay in their room until the sun (yellow) light shines. :)

  11. oh... here's the product. I found it. :)

  12. I've been so lucky that my kids have been "sleeper iners" I cannot imagine a 5:30 wake-up call!!!

    So cute that she's starting to get the time thing - I think this picture is PERFECT for the post for some reason - I guess the purple and the unique hat and her eyes are just magical too!