Saturday, November 21, 2009

FREE 4x8 Photo Cards....

Hey Bloggy friends, I am not posting this on Facebook because I wanted all you Mom's out there to get first dibs at this incase the website got bombarded. One of my friends sent me a link and a code that gets you 50 FREE Photo cards for the holidays. She placed her order on Friday and didnt have to enter a credit card or anything. Now, I just placed my order and ended up having to pay $3.19 in shipping.....dont know what I did differently, but I figured it was better than payring $35-40 for the actual cards.

I dont know the quality of the cards, but I figured they were free (and from Fuji) and if I didnt like them, I really wasnt losing anything and could just reorder them somewhere else. You have to download thier installer. It comes from Fuji Film, so I decided to trust the site. You can pick your background, choose your photo from your computer and then add your text. You can resize each piece you add as well.

So here's the link. I hope you go check it out. Like I said, I really felt I had nothing to lose. By the way, this is only good if ordered by November 30th.

I feel like a bad infomercial, but I thought I would pass it on....

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  1. FABULOUS!!!! ALWAYS feel free to pass stuff like this on!!!
    LOVE you!