Sunday, December 27, 2009

BSM - Let's Just Cuddle

Something really weird has happened this holiday weekend. We've had a lot of things going on. Bouncing in and out of the house to see family. We really havent been home much. I always wanted to stay home on Christmas day so that Ella could just play with all of her toys. Isn't that all kids want to do once they open their presents?

Not mine. Could it mean she got boring gifts from Santa? It crossed my mind....but I don't think so. Since we have been out and about, by the time we get home, or in the morning after she wakes up (which has been later and later every day...Yahoo!) all she wants to do is cuddle up with someone, her blanket and watch Christmas specials.

I think that she has been so exhausted from all of the holiday cheer that she just wants to veg for a little while. After the relaxing is done, she does go downstairs and pick out a toy to play with, but her energy must be regained prior to doing that. That being said, she still has this awful cold that leaves us blowing her nose 20x a day and a cough that sounds like she's a smoker. I did bring her in to the doctors before Christmas and they said it was just a cold running its course.

So here she is, in one of my sweatshirts, laying on the floor, head to head, wrapped up in our dog Lulu's arms watching cartoons. She said that morning as she got on the floor, "Lulu, lets just cuddle." The willing accomplice complied.


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  1. Great shot!
    We don't go anywhere for Christmas, I just stay home and veg with my kiddos!
    I have been looking at your photos and hoping someday I'll be as great at it as you!
    Since Santa must have heard my Christmas wish I now have the camera- its a start. I hope Ella feel better soon!

  2. how funny -- it's hard to know where dog ends and girl begins :).

  3. Oh my, that just melts me. That's a good dog. Hope she feels better!

  4. Aw, that is just the sweetest shot. It's funny cuz we have the Christmas where we don't go anywhere and the girls play all day but I've always wanted the Christmas where we had somewhere to bundle up and go. Always seemed more Christmas-y that way.

  5. That is so sweet, and I love the composition.

  6. She's a smart girl - she knows those quiet, peaceful moments are the very best ones. :o) SUCH a sweet shot of your two babies.

  7. That has got to be the sweetest shot. I use to be like that with my dog as a kid.

  8. Beyond cute. Perfect way to veg out.

  9. This photo is so perfect. The bond with dogs and their kiddos is so cool.