Friday, January 29, 2010

Isnt She Too Young For This?

I brought Ella to preschool the other day, and we go through the same motions every time. We go inside, take off her coat and set her backpack down with the others. We round the corner to her class and before she goes in, she turns around and gives me a hug and a kiss. She tells me she loves me, I tell her the same and to have a good day at school. Sounds normal for a 4 year old and her Mommy, right?

Well, yesterday was different. I think it was a turning point in her growth and our relationship. As we rounded the corner to her class room, she charged right into class. I said, "Ella, come here and say goodbye to me please."

She turned around and headed towards me. As she grabbed my hand she pulled me down and whispered for me to come around the other side of the wall. I asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I just don't want everyone to see me give you a hug and a kiss."

"What? Are you kidding me? Do we start this already?!", I thought.

I didn't push it. I gave her the biggest hug and kiss I could and told her I loved her.

I stayed in the classroom for a few minutes talking to someone, and in those few minutes, she came up to me twice and hugged my leg, telling me she loved me. I didn't want her to feel guilty for having those emotions or think that I felt bad. But I could tell that she was worried I was upset over the incident by the way she tried to make up for it before I left. I was ok. Just a little thrown back....Maybe she sensed that. I really didnt expect this for another year or two atleast. I'll take it in stride though, since its all a part of growing up.

But it means exactly that. My baby is growing up.....too fast.



  1. Ohh, my heart aches for you on that one! Why are our kids in such a hurry to grow up? It's hard to say who has the worst growing pains. We watch as our kids go through the physical (and social) growth but we feel it all in our hearts.

  2. You know, it's hard both ways. My 5 yo would rather have me right next to her ALL the time. I went to her class the other day and she stopped playing and wanted to hang with me. I'd rather her stay confident and play and show me what she can do. It's so bitter sweet either way.

  3. first the new header. ♥

    secondly...I wouldn't be so sure this will stick. :) give it some time. She just might be trying something she saw another child do or say.

    hold out hope. :)

  4. Awwww. No advice here. (hugs)

  5. Wow, I would have never expected that either. But how sweet she is to sense your feelings.

  6. Awww...that would be heartbreaking...I agree with the others, though - I think it is so sweet that she wanted to make you feel better!

  7. yes. it is way too soon. tell her to stop growing up. immediately!

    (i love the header...please tell me you didn't change it weeks ago! i guess i have just been reading it in my reader??)

  8. I hear you. Wes started this at 4! He was too embarassed to show any affection in front of his 4 yr. old buddy. I'll never forget it. Way too young. All the more reason to enjoy each minute.

  9. Okay, I just tried to leave a comment...but apparently Blogger hates me tonite and ate it!

    oooof, the mommy heart. Four years old is definitely too young for that. Slow down, sweet girl! Sounds like you handled it well and I bet she'll be back to giving you giant bear hugs next time. I bet you're looking forward to having another wee one to snuggle soon!!

    And the new header - LOVE!

  10. This growing up thing is hard. Mostly for the mama's. ;) Kai won't let me kiss him, but at least he will give me hugs. Anya is all for hugs and kisses. I'm hoping I have some time yet with her.