Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Week 3

Since we had picked the theme WORDS last week, it was only natural that Christina would pick the theme NUMBERS for this week. Right off the bat, I felt stumped, and I think Christina did too. But the funny thing is, we both had our shots taken by Monday of this week.

Shall we play the game "Who took which shot?" since neither one of our beauties are in them this week? Take a guess!


For more "Team-Up Thursday" images, head over to Megan's


  1. OK, since i'm always wrong when i try and guess you two, let's see if i can do it again: top one you, bottom christina??? am i wrong once again?

  2. love love love your shots this week. I think yours might be the top...not sure though.

    I joined up this week. so excited.

  3. so cool!
    oh my word though... who did which... hmmmm...
    i would guess yours is the top.


    i just cheated... unintentionally of course...
    went to look a bit more at your shots... her shots...
    oops... figured it out.
    won't say...
    i will say...

    LOVE yall's numbers.
    both very clever & fun!

  4. I have a hunch about who took each shot! Just a wild guess. ;o)

    Sorry, I gave it away at my place. At least you're before me in the links at Megan's so people will see yours first! I'd say we had a good week - but next time, NO white or Kiddo in my picture, I promise! ;o)

  5. Well since I already saw Christina's on Flickr, I shall keep my mouth shut. ;) They are both fabulous shots - I love how each of you interpretted the theme.

  6. I would say you took the book picture and Christina did the numbers.
    I love your guys take on the theme!

  7. I wanted to cheat and look at the comment and check her sight.
    But my guess is you are the top photo and Christina is the bottom.
    But really both have such great quality.

  8. I love how these photos work together. So creative and I love the perspective of your shot.

  9. Both shots are great. I love the use of different objects to create the numbers. The book page makes me want to know what the book is.

  10. Numbers is hard, isn't it??

    I'm going to guess top one you and bottom Christina, too. Although, I think it really could go either way...

    I love (again!) how they work together, and the perspective/creativeness of both.

  11. I already saw who took which, but I guessed first & was right! :)
    I know too much about y'alls lenses! Lol!
    Nice how these work together with the white in both!

  12. I visited Megan first so cheated a little bit here. But I do like the contents page. Somehow the words and the numbers seem to connect nicely with the creatively inspired numbers below. :)

  13. I love that they are so very, very different, and yet work together so well. The color in the constructed numbers photo pops next to the relative lack of color in the book photo. Nice!

  14. These are great - I love the thought that went into creating each of them.

  15. I happened to pop in at Christina's first this week, but I think I would have known which was whose anyway. I think. :)

  16. Great meeting you through this challenge too! This has been a lot of fun...and my reader sure is filling up, now too!

    Great shots - can't wait to see more of your work, you're very talented!