Monday, April 26, 2010

Have I Told You.....

....that my 4 year old daughter had her first kiss? I KNOW! I'm as shocked as you are! She plays with a 6 year old boy down the street a couple of times a week. Always at our house, I might mention, and always under our supervision. Well apparently, they were on the side of the house out of our view for 5 minutes, and he asked her for a kiss.

After Billy left that day, Ella whispers to me, "Billy and I kissed, but don't tell Daddy."(The name of the little boy has been changed to protect his identity). First of all, DON'T TELL DADDY? What does she think Daddy is going to do and where did she get the idea that Daddy shouldn't know?! I choked, but quickly tried to compose myself as to not look shocked and want to grab my child and ask her what she was thinking....or chase Billy down the street with a broom. Many things were running through my head like...

Isn't she too young for this?
Did I really hear what I thought I just heard?
Oh crap, how does my face look right now?
Breathe...Breathe again...Keep breathing.
Stay calm!

As she came in the house, I was able to not look at her face to face for a second and compose myself. As I was getting her something to drink I said, "So tell me what happened."

Ella: "He asked me if I wanted to kiss and so we did."

Me: "Where did he kiss you?"

Ella: She pointed to her lips.

Me: "Where did this happen?"

Ella: "On the side of the house while we were playing by the tree."

Me: "Well I have to let you know that you are too young to be letting boys kiss you and I don't want it to happen again. If Billy asks you again, you will need to tell him you are too young and should not be kissing, ok?

Ella: "Ok."


Talking to Ella was the easy part. Deciding how to tell Keith....A whole different story. I did tell him later that night and after seeing his reaction, I felt like I was the one who had kissed a boy! Awkward.....

Keith ended up talking to Ella and Billy about it together and then he spoke to Billy's Mom. She didn't seem that shocked as she told Keith that Billy just asked a 14 year old girl at a soccer game to come over after the game. She said, "What would we do at your house?" He said, "Watch movies and roll around on the floor."

Again, I KNOW! Ya see, Billy has an older brother and sister, both whom are teenagers. You wonder where he gets this stuff. I guess its all part of growing up, but my sweet and innocent little Ella.....probably not as innocent as I think because some of the things that come out of a 4 years old mouth shock me anyways....But she's not even 5 years old yet!!She IS innocent!!

We've all gotten past the incident and Ella has continued to play with Billy, at our house only, and no more kissing has ensued. I'm so not ready for my child to grow up anymore past this point. And now I am going to have another daughter to worry about? Eeek. God save me now!!


  1. holy cow! you handled things much better than i would have. you guys did good!

  2. Yeah, sounds like you guys handled it perfectly. I am SO not ready for all that. Luckily, I have not had to deal with it yet. I am sure it is not far off though. Yikes!

  3. Very well played. My daughter Boo Boo has teenage brother and sister and she is SOOO not asking boys for kisses. She hugs them, but she hugs EVERYBODY. She hugged a cute little girl in DSW when she was 2, everyone is a long lost war buddy to my Boo Boo.

    TOTALLY off topic.

    1) Did you sell rainboots like that to Once Upon a Child in MTKA? We bought a pair there a couple of weeks ago - hmmm.

    2) Some Minnesota Bloggers are gathering at MOA in June. If you have any interest check out the sidebar in my blog for details.


  4. Can't say I blame little Billy...I mean look at that darn kissable. handled this so fabulously. I hope you thanked her for telling you, and talked a bit about secrets. I have told my daughter that if ever someone asks her to keep a secret (that is not a surprise for a birthday or something) then she knows she needs to tell me to keep everyone safe. My ears always perk up when I hear children talking about "not telling". eeekkk....

    I'm not ready for this either.

  5. I think you handled it well. I think I am going to be the Mom that get the call about her boy asking for kisses from a little girl.

  6. Oh, I just love the picture that you put along with this post...perfect!

    Yes, it is a rite of passage, especially with older siblings "teaching" the younger ones the ways of the world. Glad you both handled it so well, though. :)

  7. Oh Dear Lord. I have to agree with Corey though, look at her face! Just a doll. Ugh, you handled it brilliantly. Just sorta glad it was you and not me! ;/.

  8. Egads! No way, not ready for that one at all! You handled it so well, tho. She interesting that she knew on her own that it was something "off limits." But seriously, I can't blame Billy a bit...I wanna kiss that sweet little face, too!

  9. Well, it sounds like you handled yourself very well. I too would have freaked out! I have 3 under the age of 4 and I am not ready for ANY of their innocence to be taken. Yikes.

  10. How can he resist? I mean look at all that gorgeousness!?!

    But yeah...we have all kinds of boyfriend talk over is killing me and Daddy, too.