Sunday, September 5, 2010

What We Do For Fun....

Bored as hell? check
Mall? check
Vivacious 5 year old? check
iPhone? check

This is what happens when my child says, "Mommy, Look!"

Now, I debated posting this one, only because.....well, I'm sure you know......But the thing is, this one was actually the funniest of them all. Ella HAD to pose with these mannequins because she wanted to be bare foot like they were. So that's fine and all, but there was little to no room in between those mannequins and all I could do is hold my breathe and pray that she did not knock them all over as she made her escape! I mean really....Couldnt you just see them tumbling over as they scatter left and right and how freaking embarrassed I would have been? OMG.

Ah, Good times.....Good times.


  1. These are fabulous! I love her poses. I like how she would even grab their hands, too fun!

  2. You guys are too much fun. It looks like Ella is having so much fun.

  3. Haha! Oh goodness, these are too much fun! What a little ham. Man, she and Nadia would be such a pair togethe...wish we could get them together!

    And I just have to say, I'm so impressed with th quality of iPhone pics! They're better than the first digital camera I had. :oP

  4. Way too funny Joanna. Ellas a natural "poser". Must have been a fun shopping trip. HAHAHA

  5. teee heeeee what a hoot. that just made my day. I love the ones of her holding their hands. ♥ so cute!

  6. She's got the poses down! Simply precious.

  7. Ha ha ha -- I love her posing...that is too cute! I think the mall is a great way to kill some time...especially when you come away with shots like these!

  8. Ella is such a hoot! That looks like it was a fun way to waste some time. Got to keep those girls busy and out of trouble, right?? :)