Thursday, October 7, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Fall

I have no idea where 2010 went, because here we are in October already. The season up here in Minnesota is moving along quickly. Just last weekend I was taking pictures of the leaves and they had just turned yellow with a tad bit of orange. Here we are on Thursday and the pictures I took yesterday are almost full on red.

As I was shooting yesterday with one of my new lenses (70mm-300mm...more on that in an upcoming post), I zoomed in and saw this leaf flickering in the wind. A heart. A perfect little heart was inside this leaf. Ella and my Dad were standing there with me and my Dad said, "What a creative little bug to have eaten a perfect little heart." Creative indeed!

Christina provided a picture almost completely opposite of mine. It just goes to show how different things are down in Texas this time of the year. I love this view with the lines directing my eyes to the bails of hay on the right. The way she processed it gives the image a baron and deserted feeling showing the end of the crop season. Even though there are no bright yellows, oranges or reds, you know the cooler weather has set in and it is FALL.

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  1. I totally agree, my friend. Where has this year gone?! Well, we know where it's gone for you - this is the year of Olivia! But it really has flown by, I'm in shock that it's already October.

    I LOVE your heart and I LOVE your colors! Fall is the time of year I most miss living further north...we just don't get so much color, and I miss seeing hills that look like they are on fire with color.

    I guess my shot does have a baron feeling...but to me it feels peaceful and contented. Time for a rest. :o)

    P.S. New lense(s)?! Do tell!

  2. Look at that sweet heart right in the middle of the leaf. Brilliant discovery. Love the bright fall colors in your shot. I also love the contrast between the two shots. Awesome.

  3. I don't think I could have even cut that little heart out more perfectly! What a fantastic find.

  4. Wow, I love that heart in the leaf! Fantastic shot!

  5. The contrast of the 2 great photos caught my attention immediately.

  6. i adore these together. what a perfect way to show how varied our country is than by looking at FALL this way. lovely pair. and that heart? what a find!