Thursday, March 10, 2011

Team Up Thursday - Upside Down

Yup, you can totally guess which is mine and which is Christina's! I am loving the jewel tones of blue in her shot....The blanket, her shirt, her eyes. It looks so beautiful.

I just happen across some upside down cards playing Go Fish. Nothing special....except for the game with my big girl!


For more "Team-Up Thursday" diptych's, head over to Megan's and check out the groups Flickr page.


  1. Love the card has always been a favorite of mine, and it's definitely perfect for this week's theme!

  2. Go Fish is actually one game Nadia and I have never done. Our faves are Candyland, Guess Who, Momopoly Jr, RataTatCat, and Sleeping Queens. I guess we have a lot of faves. ;o) I can't do imaginary play very well, so I like the games.