Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100

Today is Day 100 of my Hipstaprint A Day project. I am enjoying it much more than I realized I would. I think because I am able to use my iPhone, it makes it so much more convenient to take a picture a day. That being said, my beloved Nikon seems to be collecting a little dust. :0(

I am hoping now that the warmer weather is here, we will be outside more, and Olivia is able to crawl/walk on her own that I will have more time to take pictures with my dSLR.

But in the meantime, the wonderful Hipstamatic app is helping me enjoy iPhonography like I never thought I would! It is like a whole new take on modern photography with all the different lens/film combinations. I'm a junky....that's for DAMN SURE!

Check out my other 99 days thus far, and thanks for sharing in my journey!



  1. You have such a great collection of photos here, Jo! So many lovely images, and it's just! I love how you find meaningful pictures in the most mundane scene (a kitchen sink!?). Great slice of life stuff! You are planning to make a book at the end of the year, right???

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