Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally, A Beautiful Day

The last couple of weeks have been the gloomiest days I have seen in a long time. We have had one storm after another including tornado's, hail, strong winds and just down right gray and cloudy skies.

Today was beautiful. I decided to take Ella to the park at the Dam nearby our house. She played on the playground and then we walked along the Mississippi River, just enjoying the weather. I at least got to take a few pics.

This was a dead tree laying by the side of the river. I thought the lines and texture was so cool and the way it curved.

I notice every one's blogs have pictures of flowers that are in bloom and it seems mine are a little slow this year. Our lilacs were planted maybe 3 years ago and they have grown to be enormous, like 10 feet tall, but they seem to be late bloomers. The buds have finally turned into beautiful flowers.


  1. I love your lilacs and your Lulu furbaby.

    And I KNOW IT'S THE HORMONES!!! I know I'm totally nuts at the moment and there's nothing I can do about it. You're right, I should just call it a day and go to bed early. Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

  2. I love the lines and colors also. Very cool log/tree.

    I'm not a big flower picture person, but I so love lilacs. Love them!

  3. Great shots! That is a very cool tree and I love lilacs, too. Sounds like they grew really well after you planted them - that is great!

    This week is supposed to be nice, so hopefully we don't get too much foul weather. Sunny skies right now!