Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mommy, This Isnt Funny Anymore....

Ella has never been a daring child. She is actually very cautious. She never climed on furniture or jumped from high places until she knew she could do it. When she wants to do something that she is not sure about, she will always look at me or hubby with that look that says, "Can I? Huh? Huh?". I feel lucky in some ways that she is cautious because I havent had to be so worried that she would do something dangerous. But now that she is growing bigger and at that stage between the kiddie playground and the toddler playground, it is getting somewhat frustrating. We will tell her to climb up on the big slides or the ladders and she is constantly saying, "Hold me, Hold me". So at the park yesterday, she wanted to climb this rope wall and I was all for it. I stood behind her, just barely holding her butt. She got this high up and I said, "Wait, let me take a picture!" I made her look at me and this was the face she gave me. Once I put the camera down, she told me she had had enough. On to something else.

I love her for the person she is. She is a very strong minded child and knows what she wants and what she doesnt want. I guess I should be happy she is cautious at this age. I am sure it will be a helpful quality for her when she grows older. We can all benefit from throwing caution to the wind sometimes.


  1. That look is soooo sad and cute! Yea... I was the more daring child... on the roof, motorhome, breaking color bones, and getting stitches. I worry for my child. :)

  2. OMG, she is so adorable...just browsing through the blogs and I came across yours from Motherhood for Dummies.

    My daughter could use some caution..she is such a little dare devil. My son on the other hand usually passes on anything that looks dangerous.

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    Hope you have fun with it! :)

  4. It is good that she is cautious! Nadia is not at all, and she scares me do death with her daredevil stunts.