Monday, June 2, 2008

Show and Tell w/ Mel Sunday (a little late....)

I used to blog about a year ago and had posted these guys up when I found them (so sorry if you are seeing these again for a second time for anyone whose stayed with me), but I thought it was a good SHOW AND TELL, and I deleted my previous blog, so I dont have my old posts anymore (dummy me).

In any case, when I found this first image, I was having a bad day. I went out onto the deck and my eyes just sorta glanced over. After 7 years of living in my house, I had never noticed he was there. It was one of those warm, fuzzy moments. The ones that say, "everything will be alright".

The second image of the "3 stodges", believe it or not is on the back door of my bathroom. Guess when I found that? Needless to say I have searched the rest of my house for anybody else watching me (since there ARE people watching that I wasnt aware of as noted in a previous post) I have since unplugged all of the baby monitors and am getting used to figuring out what Ella is doing by either sound or if she has turned her light on when she should be sleeping.

So anyways, I wondered if anyone else can find any images in thier wood?


  1. Very cool. When I was in college, we used to walk around our town (after imbibing, perhaps) and find anatomy in trees. At the time, it was a hysterical game.

    I, too, am interested in the middle east.

    One more thing -- Ella is cute!

  2. Wow! That first picture is amazing!

    I still look for shapes in clouds. I also pass the time at my physical therapist's office by finding characters in the ceiling tiles.

  3. Wow, that is pretty neat! I'll have to keep a look out for creatures in our wood. ;)

    Hope you didn't get affected by the hail storm at all - my car was parked outside at Southdale but seems okay. I think.

    Anya is at that stage with the bugs, too. I try to explain that they don't all bite. And everything is a bee...even an ant.

  4. Stopping by from Show and Tell.

    Cool pictures. Now I'll be taking a closer look at my doors and back deck.

  5. I've just posted the answers to "Truths and Lies." Please stop by and see if you guessed correctly! :)

  6. Very cool pics, and I'm with Lori - holy crap Ella's cute!

  7. We have knock-down ceilings (lingo I know you're familiar with)and when I'm laying in bed, I find myself searching for odd shapes that make up something I recognize. Ha! Funny to admit. :)