Thursday, June 12, 2008

Those Little Hands

She's been into puzzles alot lately, which make me watch her hands often as she tries to fit each piece together. Those little hands have been amazing since the day she was born. The little gestures she makes with them are done with such intent. When she is showing you something, she cuffs them and displays the item or person as if she is Vanna White. When she dances around they sway through the air with 'toddler grace'. When she rubs her Daddy's back, they push on his muscles with purpose. When she gives me a kiss, they cup my face with such delicateness. When she reaches for me, they call for comfort. When she sleeps, they are relaxed with perfection. When she laughs, they are in front of her face with excitement. When she plays her piano, one finger meticulously hits each key. When she holds her cousins hand, they have such sweetness. When she tickles me, they wiggle with such joy. When she colors, they hold the crayone with great form. When she holds her baby, they cradle her with love. And when I look at them, they hold the world.


  1. I know exactly how you feel...I look at my own little princess' hands with the same sense of wonder. Such a sweet post.

  2. Beautiful post, Joanna. Very, very sweet...I felt the love. :)

    Have fun at the zoo today. Hopefully you can see the grizzlies taking a swim! There were too many people in front of the glass on Saturday so I couldn't get a good shot. Didn't they know I had a camera?? ;)

  3. This is such a sweet post. Great picture! :)