Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home today. So nice to be home. Keith and I are exhausted, so we shipped Ella, who has a ton of energy still, off to my parents. Thank god for them. I was so sick of fighting with the internet access up there, that I just finally gave up too. We had a really good week though. Ella had a ton of fun with everyone as well. I actually have some work to do now that I am home, so I am just going to post some pictures and catch up with everyones blogs later tonight.

Thankfully, there was another family up there with a little girl Ella's age. It was so nice that she had someone to play with.

They were catching the minnows in the lake and wanted to have their picture taken together.

Ella was so excited that she had some fish in her bucket. She get excited trying to catch its slimy little body. And then when it died (because she kept pulling it out of the water), she giggled and said, "Mommy, its upside down! That's so silly!"

If you look closely at her hand, you can see the minnow in her hand. I was really surprised that she was even holding it.

One of the days that it rained, there was a beautiful rainbow over the lake that I got to catch. What I loved about it was that it looked so deep into the land across the lake, as if the pot of gold was sitting just in our sight!

We had to inch Ella into the water sometimes. She would walk in and play for a while, but once we wanted her to go swimming, we put her life jacket on and she said she wasnt old enough. So we told her that when she thought she was ready, she could just let us know. Within a half hour, she was in the lake walking around and splashing everyone.


  1. I am glad you made it back safely too. Why are vacations so exhausting? That rainbow shot is amazing. Looks like your new camera is treating you right.

  2. Beautiful shots! The D80 is working awesome in your hands!

    Looks like a great trip...I love the one of Ella in the life jacket...her expression is so cute!

  3. Welcome back! Seems like you had a nice time!! Beautiful pictures! :)

  4. Welcome home! Vacations are geat...but so is coming home! So many awesome shots - you're rockin' the camera! See, the D80 was a good choice. ;o) I want to comment on every picture but don't want to write a novel, so I'll just say I adore her expression with the "silly" minnow in a bucket. And the rainbow - wow!