Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing

Thats pretty much what happens up here. The women sit on the beach, the teenagers lay on the dock and jump on the water trampoline, and the men fish. Its a good thing that Keith brought Ella's fishing pole. She had so much fun with her new friend Katie pretending to fish. Its amazing the attitudes that 3-4 year olds get with goodness. Katie's mom and I are constantly saying, "Play nice", "Dont talk like that", "Make sure you share". Last night we looked at eachother and thought that it might just be better if we let them fight it out!

The first day we were here was overcast and rainy, but cleared up by 4pm or so. I loved watching Ella play in the sand with her bare feet and little jeans rolled up.

She found a feather on the beach and though it was best if she planted it so it could grow bigger and bigger. She gave it lots of tender loving care, and then ripped it out of the sand and said, "Its done!".


  1. I love the bit about the feather, as Nadia just a few days ago planted a bubble wand so it can grow bigger and bigger. Kids are the best!!
    I LOVE her expression in the second photo!
    Sounds like she's enjoying the heck out of her vacation. :o)

  2. You are doing so well with your new camera...great captures! Ella looks like she is just having a ball up there. :)

  3. Beautiful shots! I love that first picture!! Made me smile. :)