Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Survived Another Day

We survived another day (more on that later)….. Yesterday was nice and sunny except for a passing shower. So we spent the day at the beach. Ella had a really good time. There are no other kids her age in the group that we are with. Thankfully, there is another family here with a little girl who is 4 years old.

Ella has been doing well since we got here. She is a very social little girl and loves to interact with people of all ages, so she has no qualms about sitting at the table with all of the teenagers and getting right up in their s*it. It is hard not to look at her with them and picture her their age doing the same thing in fifteen years. Fifteen years too soon, is what I say!

Here in northern Minnesota, it is buggy. And when I say buggy, I mean it in the harshest sense. This is what I mean about surviving another day. I am waiting for these May Flies to pick Ella up and carry her away. Since she is horribly afraid of bugs and flies, she has been doing surprisingly well. Only a few screams here and there. This is what it looks like in the evening. The only good thing is that they fly up high enough to where we arent actually walking through them.

So Ive been trying to upload some images of Ella for the last 45 minutes and they are not taking. Scenery seems to be all you will get today. Back to the beach I go!


  1. OMG! We haven't ventured up north at all this year but I have been told the bugs are terrible this summer. Your pictures are good..but don't put the last one on the depart of tourism brochure! GROSS! Ha ha!

  2. For the first three pix, I was thinking how jealous I was of you, being in such a beautiful place.

    But by photo 4, my envy was all gone.

  3. Wow! That first shot is amazing...I want to be there!

  4. Holy cow, that's a lot of bugs! But it just might be worth it for views like that first photo....

  5. That first shot is just gorgeous - great job!! I think the bugs are just especially bad this year with all the rain in the fall and spring. It gave them good fermenting spots to store all the millions of eggs. ICK!

  6. I have to agree that first shot is breathtaking. Luckily we did not encounter that many bugs while we were in Minnesota.