Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snapping, Snapping, Snapping

Why does it seem like I get this new camera and Ella doesn't want anything to do with me? Every time I try to get a picture of her, she stands up and walks away! I took her to the park yesterday so she could get some energy out. It seemed every time I tried to snap a picture, she was behind a bar or moved onto the next thing. Ever feel like you are losing your rhythm? Hopefully this uncomfortableness wont last for long. I am looking forward to getting up north and taking some pictures there, where I dont necessarily need a subject. :0)

Sometimes when I am taking pictures, she likes to pretend to take a picture of me....

And yes, because I didnt get very many good shots, you get a picture of some stools at the park.....Exciting, I know.


  1. Personally, I LOVE walking away shots! But I understand your frustration. You will get there...don't expect too much out of yourself right away, there is a learning curve! I often feel like I'm losing my rythem...every couple weeks, I have a few days when I just feel "off." You'll get it back!

    btw, love the reflections in the first photo!

  2. These are really nice shots! Don't worry eventually your little girl will get so used to you and your camera she will act just naturally. ;)