Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Trials of Motherhood

Since I had this post just screaming to get out of me and didnt realize it was "Theme Thursday" until after the fact, I am contributing the photos as my theme for Summer Fun. Rolling around in the yard with our pooch is always a favorite pastime when the weather is warm. The trials of motherhood is just an added bonus!

Ella and I are going through a rough patch at the moment. My sweet, polite little girl has turned into a sassy, disobedient toddler....ONLY TO ME.

Ella has always surprised me at how she uses manners and is considerate of other people, but all of a sudden, I am the person she does not use any of those characteristics with. Everything I say to her, she turns around on me. For instance, when I say things like, 'don't talk back to me', 'stop being sassy', 'your'e not being very nice'. Imagine a 3 year old telling her mother all of those things. It's like fighting with a child and saying, "I know you are but what am I?"

I put her in the naughty chair and tell her to be quiet, but she doesn't. She says over and over that she wants to get down, that she wants to talk, its not quiet time. She slams her hands on the chair, she stomps her feet around, she puts her hands on her hips as she gives a great big sigh of frustration. Her and I are banging our heads together all day long lately it seems (not literally).

Maybe its because we just got back from vacation and she is still out of sorts from being off schedule. She has taken a nap 2 out of the 4 days this week, which is unheard of. It's just a phase, I know. But I am afraid it will get out of hand, and my sweet little girl will turn into a monster of a toddler.

The best times are after she wakes up. She crawls in bed with me and is still a sleepy head and she just wants to cuddle. Jekyll and Hyde. I know. I'm sure every toddler is like that. "This too shall pass" is a term I use alot once its quiet and the trauma has passed. Like now, after I have put her to bed and there is silence. My mom used to say that to me alot when I was a teenager, going through a broken heart or dealing with kids being mean.

Or how about...."You always hurt the ones you love". Why are these cliches so true? No one wants to hear them or have to say them to themselves.

But you know what? I am crazy in love with her.

The uniqueness just oozes out of her little pores. Her intelligence amazes me every day.

The cuteness when she shakes her bum and dances around gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

So what do you do? Enjoy the wonderful times and take a deep breath during the tough times I guess. Squish them all together and you get parenthood. Something I tried very hard to get in life and something I am very grateful for.


  1. lovely shots. My faves are the first and last :)

  2. Joanna, this is a beautiful post! 5 stars! I feel you, I really do. I'm experiencing the same thing with my little Jekyll and Hyde. such extremes...and it seems the bad extreme is around more often than not lately. It's exhausting, and frustrating, and it makes me question "what am I doing wrong???" It's comforting to know that others face it, too.

    And yes, despite it all...we are still crazy, head over heels in love with our little gals. :o) And how could you not be?! She truly is a precious little girl.

    And these photos are SO sweet! I am not a dog person, but this makes me feel like maybe a doggy pal wouldn't be such a bad thing. ;)

  3. Take a deep breath and count to 10. :) They are adorable pictures with the pooch.

    Although, right now with my 3 year old little boy, the threat of spending time in his room usually works unless he's really angry then he chooses to run off to his room and cry it out. When he's done he comes back and says I not cry anymore. And usually he's off the hook.

    But all kids are different. Patience is, although often hard won, the key to kids more often than not. ;)

  4. Beautiful shots of her and her pooch.

    I think the reason why they do it to us is because they are know we love them. They are trying out this whole independent thing and testing their limits and they do it to us...the ones that they are so comfortable with and know we won't do anything bad back to them.

    Right there with ya!

  5. Great shots!!!! Love those big, expressive eyes!

  6. OOo.. I'm not looking forward to my little one entering this "phase". But your love is strong and unconditional. I cringe when I think back to all the times I didn't show my own mother the respect that she deserves. She will learn too. :)

    Gorgeous photos by the way! You've eased right into the SLR world... not surprising seeing how much talent you already had!

  7. Joanna, these are beautiful, beautiful shots! They are really perfect!

    My oldest isn't old enough yet to really get into those types of arguments with me or to be bad intentionally yet...but, I know it is coming. I always appreciate insights into how other moms are dealing with the not-s0-fun parts of being a mom....hang in there!!

  8. I just love te flip flop picture. So very sweet. Reading your post made me feel somewhat normal. My 4year old daughter gets sassier every day. I really have to watch what I say to her because I will inevitably hear it said back to me. I feel your pain. It is so frustrating.

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the flip flop one!! Hang in there! I totally don't know what to say. It's been similar with Daniel, just that he doesn't use his words so much, but he's been talking back and resisting things. (How do you tell a kid who you've worked for years to get to talk, not to talk back to you?!?!) I don't know what to do- but I'm trying not to stress out about it and make it worse.

  10. I happened upon your blog as I was looking for someone else. It caught my eye, as I also have an Ella, who sounds so similar to yours! Your photography is wonderful- it is a hobby of mine, one that I have not developed as much as you have, but would like to!