Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

My sister in law and I took the kids to the zoo the yesterday. I love to get Ella together with her cousins. They are so cute together. Ella and her cousin Jack were born 10 weeks apart (he is older) and Everett just turned 1 in April and is walking up a storm. I hope to have a sibling for Ella someday, but in the meantime, Jack is the closest thing she has to one. The day started out really stormy and Crystal (SIL) thought it would be a good day to go to the zoo, since everyone would probably be inside somewhere. I looked at the weather channel for the radar and it seemed there was no more rain behind what was happening at the time. When we got to the zoo, it was packed! I guess everyone had the same idea! It was also Friday, and there were bus loads of kids. We assume it was a good day for field trips....

In front of the conservatory at the zoo, they had beautiful flowers, giant lilly pads and a wonderful waterfall. We saw someone getting their wedding pictures taken there. It was a hot day to be dressed all up with makeup and all....

Ella and Jack were looking at the giraffes and Crystal asked them if they could stretch their necks as long as the giraffes (great opportunity for a Kodak (ahem, Nikon) moment).

We did not bring a stroller with us for Jack and Ella. Crystal had one for Everett, but it was a good opportunity to burn all of their energy for the afternoon. This is after taking an ice cream break.

"I'll beat you up the stairs", Ella said to Jack. Seems to be her new game now. She will beat Keith and I to the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the kitchen....anywhere she has to go. Oh, and she always wins (whether she does or not), or there is hell to pay.

They had a big tent at the zoo full of butterflies. It was the coolest thing. They were flying all around us. Unfortunately, this is the only shot that seem to come out decent. Too bad, I didn't get the back of him to show off his beautiful wings. Don't miss him on the flower there to the left....

Everett sat right down at the little pond in the conservatory. Stuck his feet in and all. He was not afraid to get his feet wet. HA! Sorry, couldn't resist.

There was huge goldfish in the little pond there. Jack and Ella were splashing the water and pretending to catch the fish.

And he's off!


  1. They are so cute together!!!

  2. I think the butterfly shot turned out great. I like the different perspective. We went to the zoo Saturday (rainy, overcast) thinking the same thing and it was also packed. Oh well, we still had fun.

  3. Great shots and Ella is so lucky to have a cousin so close in age.

    Oh, I really like that zoo, too. So very pretty! We went to a wedding in the Conservatory once, too. It was lovely.

  4. What a fun one! I had a dozen comments come to my mind as I read and looked at the pictures, but now there's too many to remember - all the pictures are great! I love the "Nikon Moment" hehe! Nadia has twin cousins 6 months older, and another cousin about 2 months older. It's great to have them close in age!