Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Another Day

I have been really lazy, I know. Its been a couple of days since I posted. Last week, Keith worked until 7-8pm each night. It was the longest week of my life! Not to mention that Ella and I were at each others throats. When he came home early yesterday, we all went outside to spend some quality time together (he with Ella, and me with my camera) :0)

She loves to water the flowers. She would ask us over and over again to fill up the bucket with more water so she could take care of her garden. We even have a stone Doberman statue that sits in our back yard. We call him "Ornament" (my Dad named him). My parents owned him and didn't want him anymore, but I could not fathom letting Ornament out of the family! Anyways, she even watered Ornament so that he would grow big like her puppy, Lulu.

Ella is totally into wearing our flip flops these days. When she is outside, she loves to squish ants. I, shed a tear each time she squishes a little life, but Daddy told her it was okay to do! (whenever I kill a spider in the house, I say over and over, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!") Anyways, when she doesn't have any shoes on, she asks for ours so that she can squish ants. I posted a few days ago her in my shoes and now these are Daddy's.

You can see Ornament on the left in the background in the next two pictures. I'll have to get a picture of him someday to post.

I love to watch Keith and Ella play together. She is so crazy about him. Tonight for instance, she wanted to kiss him over and over again before she went to bed. She kept freaking out and saying, "One more kiss!" She wasn't trying to be difficult or disobedient either. She just truly wanted to have her Daddy hold her.

On an ending note, she did something pretty funny the other day. We were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast. She picked up a piece of pancake, looked at me and in a drone computer voice said, "I am a robot. Take me to your leader." I almost pissed my pants laughing. I asked her where she got that from and she said Max and Ruby. Its amazing the little sporadic pieces of what they see and hear they pick up on. I know, too much TV. But it was so damn funny.


  1. Awesome pics as usual...I love the flip-flop one and the one with daddy, of course. I totally understand about the nights when the hubby works late...makes for some long days...mine has been doing a LOT of that too lately!

    And, "take me to your leader"...hysterical!

  2. That is hilarious. It is scary the things that they pick up on.

  3. Sounds like a GREAT evening with Daddy! I love it that she watered Ornament, too. And the fusia flwoers match her suit perfectly! I LOVE the one of her wearing Daddy's shoes!

  4. Great post. :) She is a gorgeous little girl! Just beautiful! :)