Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Orange You Glad I Didnt Say Banana?"

Yup, there I am in the reflection with Lulu....Snapping away as Ella cracks herself up at one of her favorite Knock Knock jokes. Oh ya - She is soooo into knock knock jokes. You've probably heard them all. (In the (......) sections pretend it's saying "Knock, Knock" and "Who's there"). Then picture her laughing hysterically after each joke.

(......) Owl ; Owl who? ; Hoo Else!
(......) Lettuce ; Lettuce who? ; Let us in its cold (hot) outside!
(......) Gaa Gaa ; Gaa Gaa who? ; Gaa Gaa Goo Goo!

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All Ella wants to drink these days is Orange Juice. So I went out and bought some little Clementine Oranges. Tried them out today and she loved them! I was so glad because I am constantly, but cautiously, trying to introduce new and healthier foods to her. She loves grapes now too. Tiny steps, but hey one item at a time!





She was so enamored with her reflection. She kept dancing and wiggling in the door way. I love this picture and her move, all except for the butt end of my parents Miniature Pincer under her elbow! Doh!



That last bite was juicier than she expected! :0)


And then to end this post, I wanted to share my rainbow. This shined in the sprinkler mist as Keith was watering the yard last night.


You may have noticed my images are bigger. Yes, I am slow. I just realized how to post them from Flickr. I see a difference, but some are getting cut off. Working on it.....


  1. Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out the whole flickr thing. I love the b&w of Ella and the orange hanging out of her mouth and of course the first one, oh and the dancing one. Ok, I loved them all!!!

  2. What a little goofball she is...we haven't discovered knock knock jokes yet, but I'm sure it's coming!
    N LOVES clementines, too! yummy. I don't think she's ever had OJ, tho...I don't like it, so I never buy it.
    Love the reflection picture with YOU in it! They are all great - such clarity and color, and such great expressions from your little princess. Does she live in that swimsuit? ;o)

  3. These are so awesome! I love the oranges on the deck...that's my favorite for some reason...although, the sharpness and color in all of these are awesome!