Friday, August 15, 2008

Can I Wear That Dress Mommy?

So, thanks to Jen at New Green Mama, Ella and I went to the Goodwill yesterday to scout out some dress up clothes. Jen had posted the other day that she made a killing at the Goodwill and found some great dress up clothes for her daughter. Since we had not been there in a while we headed on over to see what we could find.

As luck would have it, Thursday was 50% off children's clothes day. Could this get any better? I found these two beautiful dresses for $2.50 each. The second dress still had the tags on it to boot!

Since Ella doesnt nap anymore, after she has her quiet time in her room, I have been having a movie time with her in my bed. That way I get a little rest, if I happen to have work to do while she is in her room and we can just sit and snuggle while watching Care Bears, Dora or the Little Mermaid.

Well I put her in my bed yesterday and told her I would be right in. I was taking the pictures of the dresses on thier hangers. 5 minutes later she walks out, with this sweet little voice. "Mommy, what are you doing?" I stood there and just froze. Instantly I thought, "Well there goes my nap time!".....because the next thing she said with all the hope she could muster in her face is, "Can I wear one of those princess dresses?" So I let her pick one and outside we went to go rock collecting.

I dont know why, but as I was processing them in PS, I felt that alot of them called for a little desaturation. The softer pinks sort of called to me yesterday, I guess.


Thanks for the inspiration Jen!


  1. The 5 Minutes for Mom teamAugust 15, 2008 at 3:24 PM

    Congratulations! You are one of our finalists in our Summer Fun Photo Contest.

  2. Love the Goodwill! You got some really cute stuff too! LOVE the pictures.... wow!

    And for the record....YOU were not the one looking FAT at the Irish Fair! Hello can you say double chin and belly rolls.....yuck! I hate the way I look right now! And yes we had a blast! Sorry you didn't enjoy the music tho!

  3. Beautiful! What a great idea for the dresses. I wouldn't have thought of it!

  4. Oh yeah!!! You got some good stuff. Both dresses are perfect. I am officially addicted to Goodwill. You just can't beat it!!

  5. Oh yeah!!! You got some good stuff. Both dresses are perfect. I am officially addicted to Goodwill. You just can't beat it!!

  6. Wow, what great finds! I haven't gone scouting at the resale stores in a while - I need to! These dresses are great, both for dressup and pictures! The desaturation treatment does work well. I think #4, and the second to last, are my favorite, but the whole series is great!

  7. Oh, great haul! She looks darling in her princess dress. I had to LOL at her putting rocks in her purse. So that's what princesses carry in those things! :)