Thursday, August 14, 2008

Enjoying Ice Cream with Daddy

Oh, how I am going to miss the summer and all the ice cream we eat! Kids are so cute eating ice cream. I love it when she has her bathing suit on and eats ice cream because then I don't worry about messes at all. That way she can have fun and eventually she will jump in the lake, under the sprinkler or take a tubby and she will be my clean little girl again.

Ella went to a bible class for a few nights last week (or the week before) with her Grandma at her church and afterwards they served ice cream. While the class got over past her bed time, we got some ice cream and took it home. We gave her some for the ride home and saved the rest of it in the freezer. After she had dinner the next night, she was so excited when I pulled out the ice cream from the freezer.

"Oh Yay!", she says.


The summer has gone by so quickly. It's those little ice cream faces that I am going to miss.


  1. Daddy time is so special. You captured some great shots!

  2. Those are so sweet Joanna! I love daddy pictures!!

  3. Ok, two words: Seriously Amazing. I've not been on in a while and since I've been amiss, you've gone and turned into professional photo lady. Beautiful- you've become very proficient at this hobby. Ok, this is much more than two words but I couldn't resist.

  4. Love these photos! And now I want some icecream!

  5. This series with Daddy is so precious! The second one -awww!