Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try Number Two....

My sister in law and I had taken the kids to the zoo a few weeks back and I mentioned that they had a butterfly exhibit in it that you could go into and just be surrounded by butterflies. I didnt get very many good shots on that trip. I only got one that I posted and was not too happy with it because you could see the flower more than you could see the butterfly.

So I took Ella there again the other day. I told her before we went that we were not going to the zoo to see the animals this time (what a horrible mom, right?). I told her we were going to see the fishes at the pond in the gardens and to go see the butterflies. She was actually very content with that and didnt complain once when we had to walk by some animals to get to the butterfly tent.

There are so many people in this tent and it gets so hot and people are stopping in the middle of the walk way to take a picture of a butterfly that they found staying still on a flower or something (even though I am one of those people)....I find the whole thing kinda stressful (but thats just me). I did catch these two images and I was pretty happy with them. The first one, I tried to stamp out the butterfly in the background but could not do it without making it horribly obvious. But I really loved the watermelons color and the intimate close up of this shot.

The second one I was drawn to the imperfection of his wings. Seemed several of the butterflies had wings that were torn and tattered. Hard to believe the butterlies go at it with each other enough to get damaged. Go figure.

Oh ya, and I got a few shots of Ella in the garden. Who'da thunk.


I totally plan on hitting up these butterflies again before the season ends. It really is the perfect place to catch a butterfly shot since they are all enclosed and they are just flying everywhere. Thankfully, the zoo's admission is free and if we did go back to look at the animals, its not a very big place so it only takes maybe 2 hours to visit. Oh ya....I am so going back to try my shutter finger again!


  1. Awesome photos of those butterflies! I love the one of Ella holding the pine cone. Little hands are so sweet!

  2. You got some great shots. That second one with the torn wing makes me a little sad. I absolutely love the pince cone one. You should definitely take advantage of the free admission.

  3. These shots are AMAZING! The detail that you captured is just perfect - I especially like the close up of the first two...great shots!

  4. your daughter has beautiful eyelashes!

  5. Wonderful shots! I love the butterflies, but also the vibrant photo of Ella holding the pine cone. Great shots!

    I haven't made it to that zoo yet this year. You are going to make me take the trek across the metro to get there if you keep posting these shots LOL!

  6. I'd say trip #2 was a HUGE success! I especially love the fragility and beauty of the broken wing. And the pinecone in Ella's hands is great, too!

  7. Beautiful! We went to a butterfly exhibit in March and it was terrible...there were hardly any butterflies and it was SOOOO hot (ok, so I was 7 months pregnant, so I might have been a bit biased!)

    GREAT shots! And, I didn't notice the stamped out butterfly at all...even after looking!!