Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Gymnastics Class!

Ella had her first gymnastics class last night. What an event. I wasnt sure how she would do in a structured class, but it went fairly well considering no one else had any structure experience either. My social little butterfly loved her class. She was up in the teachers face at all times yelling, "Look what I can do!", "Watch me!". When they were sitting in a circle doing stretches, she was barely there (attention wise), but she was as giddy as they get. She had fun jumping on the trampoline, walking on the beam and hanging like a monkey on the bars.

I was snapping away and some of the parents were looking at me like I was crazy. Atleast thats how I thought they were looking at me. Maybe it was because the flash kept going off. :) I wish I could have gotten up closer to them because I would have gotten some better shots. The bars and the balance beam were close to where the parents were sitting so those are the pictures I got the most.

She is signed up for 3 classes through the rest of the summer, but if she does well, I might sign her up through the school season. She came home and crashed so hard, which I really liked! So we just may need to continue with this! ;0)



  1. My daughter would love to do gymnastics. I need to get her signed up, but have been reluctant to make the time for it. I did the same thing when she took swim lessons. I was shooting away and I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. At least it is well documented. Who cares what they think?

  2. oh how cute!!!! She looked like she was having fun! I bet you were too!

  3. A true shutterbug momma...carrying the camera around everywhere! Don't worry, the pictures are worth the stares right???

  4. That looks like so much fun...can I come too?? Great shots of Ella. :) I am all for activities that wear them out and make them sleep. Totally rocks. ;)

  5. What amazing pictures! Sounds like she had a blast!

  6. Great pictures!!! I never get tired of Ella photos! :D She's such a cutie!

  7. Hmmm, I somehow missed this post! I have been wanting to get N in gymnnastics, and this really makes me want to! What a fun time. Your pics are great - who cares what the other moms and teachers think!?